Poor Customer Service 101 – My CD-R King Experiences

Being able to foresee the future demands of the market and courageously respond to its emerging needs of the market  are  two of the basic qualities of a successful entrepreneur. In the Philippines, I think CD-R King is one of the many local business ventures that adhered to this idea.  If I am not mistaken, CD-R king started as a wholesaler and retailer of blank CDs. However, the relatively lower prices and varied choices made the company a household name from CDs to computer accessories.

However, CD-R King’s efforts of increasing their line of products and branches created a trade off with one important aspect of entrepreneurship, customer service.

I am not a direct victim, but I have personally witnessed and heard a lot of incidents of poor customer service encounters among the sales personnel of different CD-R King branches. Allow me to enumerate ONLY SOME unforgettable incidents I have witnessed.

  1. CD-R King Gateway Branch (2nd floor of Gateway Mall near Cubao LRT 2 Station) – I bought two blank CDs and gave a Php 50 bill. The total amount of my purchase was around Php 20. The saleslady requested for a smaller bill. I courteously told here that my Php 50 is the least I have. I stood for more than 10 mins. The saleslady did not bother  to apologise for the long wait. She made me wait until another customer paid Php 20 bills. I could understand that shortage of coins and bills becomes an everyday problem of any shop. However, passing this burden to your customers is not so right. I hope shop owners or even other sellers would realize more than the provision of quality goods and services, handling of payments is also your responsibility.
  2. A Backstabber Saleslady (same branch) – I arrived at the same branch to purchase a laser presentor. A dissatisfied lady went out of the shop.  I never heard the lady utter anything but by looking at her face, I’m sure that she experienced and said negative things. While I was waiting for my turn, one saleslady said, “yang mga customers na yan akala nila sila ang nagpapasweldo sa atin.” (Those customers act as if they are the ones paying for our salary)  I wanted to reply, “Miss, bakit hindi nga ba?
  3. Deadma Personnel – While I was waiting for my turn to purchase CDs, one lady went to the electronic gadgets area and inquired for a tripod. There were two  store personnel who were just chatting and laughing. They never managed to render a single reply to the lady’s query. The lady repeated what she said in a sarcastic voice. The female store personnel said, “anu pong klaseng tripod?” (What kind of tripod?) The customer replied,  “yung para lang sa digicam.” (the one intended for a digital camera). The female store personnel went out and never showed up. The customer then talked to the remaining store personnel. He replied, “ma’am wala na po.” (ma’am, it’s no longer available). The lady customer was fuming mad and left the shop saying, “sana kase kanina pa sinabe.” (You could have said it earlier.)  I thought the incident was over but the female store personnel emerged from nowhere  and imitated the voice of the irritated customer. All the store personnel later went on a full blast laugh trip.  Laughing over a dissatisfied customer? This is definitely a perfect approach to gradually destroy the company that provides your employment and salary.
  4. Unending long lines (good for all branches) – The long and sluggish movement of lines is a common attribute of most CD-R King branches. In their SM Manila branch, they once implemented a number queue system, which gave them more troubles. Why? The queue machine is not accurately working. Where can you see a queue machine that skips numbers?  On a positive note, long lines is indicative that people really prefer to patronize and trust CD-R King’s products. However, if this problem is not resolved, CD-R King might soon miss the benefits of having long lines in their shops. They should remember that the Philippines is a free enterprise economy. In the near future, better competitors will soon emerge.
  5. Slow Manual System of Preparing Receipts – This is I think one reason why CD-R King became notorious for the long lines in almost all of  their branches. I don’t have problems with handwritten receipts. However, the “manual” way of generating their receipts is what I dislike. Each time you purchase an item, the saleslady has to enumerate in handwriting all the items you have to purchase. Apart from the items, the VAT amount of your entire purchase has to be computed. If only each branch of CD-R King could implement computer-generated receipts or  bar coding technology, the long  lines could be diminished. Paying and generating receipts would be easier if CD-R King branches could adopt automated or computerized payment and receipt system.  I also realized something ironic about CD-R King. They are selling technology related products but their issuance of receipts remain manual.

CD-R King could perhaps consider the case of Mercury Drug Store. In the medicine section of the drug store, pharmacists can take orders of multiple customers. Through the help of computers, the pile of purchases reaches only one cashier. Even though Mercury has a single cashier in the medicine section, it can accommodate multiple clients in the shortest possible time.

I wrote this entry not to merely throw destructive criticisms against CD-R King. My entries are narrations of my personal experiences. In the end, I still wish that the management of CD-R King would be able to resolve their customer service issues.

I am not an expert in Customer Service but as a typical customer, I would like to propose some measures.

1. Establish an accessible and responsive Customer Feedback Mechanism – If the management of CD-R King is really observant, a lot of customers are voicing out their complaints in social media.  Customers are already creating their own feedback mechanism for the company.  In Facebook, I encountered a number of “hate pages”  for them. I’m not sure if its an official page, but CD-R King’s fan page has a section where customers can post their complaints. I  don’t know if their management is acting on these complaints.  A link to one of their hate pages is posted below



What I suggest for the company is to establish their own ACCESSIBLE and RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK MECHANISM. Accessible in such a way that all customers could voice out their complaints in different and convenient means. They can offer a text hotline, email, or social media accounts dedicated to answer queries.   Since the company is already notorious of their poor customer service, the management might consider posting a visible signage in all of their branches stating of how they could report complaints.

Customer Service complaints and suggestions forms available in each branch could also be made . Customers could write their complaints and place them in a locked drop box. Although I feel that this would not really work out because placing of complaints will be too obvious. Customers might not be that comfortable.

Responsive customer feedback mechanism means that the concerned department or management is acting on the reported incidents. Complaints sent through email and text deserve a reply. CD-R king should send response letters thanking the customer for reporting complaints, asking for further details to clear out the incident and informing customers of what actions were undertaken by the company.

2. Provide incentives to “customer friendly” branches – In fairness to CD-R King, I found one customer friendly branch. Their branch in Robinson’s Metroeast accommodated me well, when I purchased a speaker for my iPod. The saleslady was smiling and courteously attended to my queries. The company could implement a reward system for branches that exemplified excellent customer service as perceived or rated by the customers. Branches who receive positive feedbacks from customers deserve some pat on the back in the form of certificate of recognitions, monetary or other non-monetary awards. The company could even implement a contest for this one. The most customer service branch could receive attractive prizes.

3. Name plates please! – Since customer service complaints usually arise from unfriendly store personnel, the management should ensure that all store personnel wear a visible and readable name plate.  In cases of complaints or positive criticisms, the customer know who will be the right person to report.

4. Retrain your store personnel – At some point, the management of CD-R King should consider giving seminars to trainings on customer service to their sales personnel. Make them learn and realize the importance of aiming to provide excellent customer service.


18 thoughts on “Poor Customer Service 101 – My CD-R King Experiences

  1. tama! sinabi mo pah! kairita talaga mga saleslady jan! pero minsan siguro dala na lang ng dami ng customer nila.. kse nung maaga ko nagpunta dun mejo ok pa sila eh.. pag hapon na mainit na ulo! haha!

  2. im planning to propose a Cash register with inventory system for CD-R king. So please help me to make my proposal letter for them 🙂 thank you. God Blessed!!

  3. The other day I was in a CDrking and it was slow as always. There were 12 employees and 6 customers, yet there was a really long wait time to be helped. What were all the employees doing? 1 to 2 were helping customers and the rest didn’t look like they were doing much at all (maybe they were all on break?).

    The written receipts take forever, but the really crazy part is that they also writing up a detailed listing for there inventory. It has got to be one of the slowest possible ways to do a sale. The other day I walked out without getting anything because the P20 headphones weren’t worth the wait time.

    I have noticed that they JUST DON’T CARE! They do not care how long you wait, they do not care if your product works, they don’t care about having things in stock, they do not care if you buy anything. For some reason people keep coming and seem to put up with all the abuse.

  4. i was at cd-r king just this afternoon! and God, i just cant believe how poor their customer service. the service is slow,as in to the highest level, and the personnels are snob. Timothy seems right, it seems the personnel simply just don’t care about the customers! it sucks and i promise to myself that i wont buy anything again in all branches of cd-r king.

  5. Just came to CDR King at Robinsons’ Place Just to buy ONE 8GB microSD card, just so happened to be that everything’s complex to buy, sales boy and ladies are just snob as talking to a crap, looks like “no-rules at all” (since no legend to where the cashier is, customer desks, etc…) and in one time I just seek-out some brands of microSD card, and a saleslady (or a customer, who knows) said “Naglinya ka dong?” (or Did you fall-in-line, boy?) and I was pissed at that remark. So, what did I do? Find another store and it was the answer for being pissed-off at CDR King.

    The thing I visited to CDR King is to look for another brand and/or affordable microSD cards (since everything’s sell here is fake, few got legit), turned out to be pissed-off store. Just… “sayang”, if only that store is a customer-friendly, it would be good, but it’s BAD.

  6. baka “protocol” nila yung maging bastos sa mga customer, no offense sa mga empleyado ng cdr king na makakabasa nito pero so far sabaw talaga mga ugali ng rep…It would certainly be understandable that accommodating multiple customers is hard, skills in multi-tasking can b enhanced pero ang “kaugalian” sa tindahan eh mahirap baguhin…hindi ako mabait pero tumatanaw ako ng utang na loob sa mga totoong nagpapasahod…syempre customers yun…

    • baka nga…kc ilang branch nila napuntahan ko para bumili eh pare-pareho sila ng attitude towards customer…kahit kakaunti lang ang namimili…kaloka

  7. one of the cashier of cdr king starmall edsa shaw boulevard is mataas ang boses magsalita…i buy a case of i phone 4 ,,,sabi q magkanu to miss sabi ng cahira 150 po….nagtataka po ako kung bakit 150 eh sa ibang branch n napuntahan q 100 lang….so nagbayad na ako pero…d ako binigyan ng receipt…pagdating q ng haus ng search ako about sa cdr king..case nakita q sa web site na 100 talaga…anu ung ibig sabihin nun kinuracut nung cashier ung sobra na pera nakakalungkot naman,,,the name of the staff is cyra sogone

  8. Dto sa cavite SA LUTOS BRANCH.hindi marunong mag handle ng customer complain. Napakabastos at walang modo ang b.r..b un last jan25,bumili aq ng mp3 and it was my first time na bumili ng ganoon sa cdr king habng chenik nun saleslady napansin q na na umanggt ung case ng mp3 akala q ok lang kasi chenik na nga ng saleslady tloy alis na at nagmamadali aq .ayon etry to charge as said 2hours daw non inopen q d gumana bunalik q ngaun sa store LUTOS MALL IMUS BRANCH. Humarap saakin ung b.r. or B.a.nla chenik na item ngaun npinsin bkit ka q anggat ang casing nun akin samantala ung mga bagong inlbas na lapat ang casing then sinbi q sa kanya nag pantig ang tingga q aq pa ang sinisi madmi badwords na pinakawalaain i love cdr king bat pag may ganito ka ma encounter n staff oh my god nakakapantig tlga ng tinga ayaw q na cya kausapin so i decide na.called their maneger ng magkapaliwngan kmi huwag na ung bastos nla b.r daw no good ang systema ng pag handle nia ng customer complain bastos kausap masasabi q LUTOS BRANCH IS NO GOOD QUALITY SERVICE MAY KASABIHAN PA NMN CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGTH SA PINAG AASTA NG STAFF NIO DAPAT ETRAINING NIO NG HOW TO HANDLE CUSTOMER COMPLAIN VERY WELL HINDI CYA MAGANDANG GAWIN KATIWALA SA BRANCH NA UN PANIRA LANG CYA NG BRANCH NAME NIO SA BIBIG N DIN NIA MISMO NANGGLING N MARAMI.NG COMPLAIN ABOUT SA ITEM NA MP3DAPAT LIABILITY NIA E CHECK ANG ITEM BAGO E DISPOSE NGAYIN MAY COMPLAIN PINAGKSALA PA ANG CUSTOMER HAY NAQ IM NOT SATISFIED THEIR SERVICE D MARUNONG TUMINGGIN NG QUALITY CHECK NAKAKA HIGHBLOOD

  9. also i had a bad experience here in LUTOS IMUS BRANCH staff nila ay walang modo at galang kailangan nila cgro dumaan sa proper way handing right customer and customer complain as well oh my gosh highblood talaga aq walng modo ang itinalaga nio pagkatwalaan ng LUTOS BRANCH NIO SA CAVITE PAKIAAYOS NMN PO ANG TRAINING NG MGA STAFF NIO MAKAKASIRA SA IMAGE NG COMPANYA

  10. last night pumunta ako sa cdr King sm north annex meron akong bibilhin na usb network adapters sabi ng sales clerk mayron sila nung kailangan ko sabi ko ok bibilihin ko na. nagulat lang ako ng sabihin saken ng sales clerk na hindi nla alam ang price kaya hindi nila pwedeng ibenta yun. Nakiusap ako sabi ko kung pwede paki gawan ng paraan. Ang sabi lang saken ng sales clerk hindi nya alam ang price at bigla nalang akong tinalikuran. ATTN: Sa HR ng CDR King Kailangan po ng Staff nyo ng Good Customer Service.

  11. lahat yata ng branch ng cdr king hindi maganda ang service…wala lang ung unang tinanong ko tatalikuran ka na…siguro ayaw ng pasweldo pero dapat nung una pa di n nila tinanggap if di sila satisfied…i think may training sila pero poor ang trainilng nila kc lahat…as in lahat ng branch n napuntahan ko pare-pareho sila ng service….talikod agad at never i-entertain iba mong concern. kaya last option ko lagi ang cdr king kesa mabwisit lang ang araw ko.

  12. We just had a recent experience with this “poor customer service” from CDRking Gaisano Mactan Island Brand Lapu Lapu Cebu. We were looking for a wireless mouse and there were 2 of them in the store and they were watching youtube. We called their attention but they did not listen, so we called their attention again but this with a louder voice, tapos nagalit yung isa, her name is IVY COSIP, kasi daw nagtanong siya kanina hindi naman daw kami sumagot agad, hindi siguro namin narinig kasi nga aside sa medyo mahina yung pagkasabi siguro, andun man sila sa counter area which is sa may back area na ng store, siya pa yung galit sa amin, and we liked told her, she should be mindful of her words as well as kung paano siya sumagot sagot sa amin, kasi customer pa din kami. Tinanong namin siya ano pangalan niya, sabi niya pa, Takotin niyo ako?! sinulat niya pangalan niya, and telling us sige magsumbong kayo.
    My point is alam kasi ni IVY COSIP na wala talagang mangyayari sa kanya, kasi nga wala naman customer complaints channel ang CDRking. Sana naman, not only will CDRking provides channels for customer complaints but maybe educate their staff to provide a good customer service. It’s not innovation, it’s not marketing that kills a business, it’s BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.
    Ikaw naman IVY COSIP, masyado mainit ulo mo, hindi ko alam baka ikaw ang may ari ng branch kaya ganun ka umasta pero if ikaw man ang owner, dapat sana alagaan mo customers mo. Laki ng ulo mo besh!

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