Strange, Amazing but Scary

I accidentally discovered this video at You Tube

It’s no doubt amazing! I didn’t expect that the powder would turn to that famous Japanese meal. Although I learned from further research that the food is actually jelly.

The technology used in the video could soon be adopted by other food manufacturing companies. I will not be surprised if tomorrow, our regular meals would all be kept in those sachets. Just add water and voila! You have a full meal. The instant noodles, Pillsbury cakes are some products that have adopted the ready to eat convenience. With our fast paced lifestyle today, such products are indeed timely and responsive.

Despite the wonders brought about by technology, I am however worried on its unseen consequences. I believe that it’s not just the machine that transformed the food to its powder version that could last for months. I’m sure that there were chemicals and preservatives used in converting the ingredients to that ready-to-eat powder version. And you know what comes next.. Continuous exposure to chemicals leads to different types of sicknesses. This is what scares me.

Technology and innovation drastically improve our lives. But to some extent, it causes a trade off. Although to be honest with you, I am not really a health conscious person. I live a junked diet. I love soda and junk foods. But as much as possible, I try my best to eat healthy when I’m at home. I eat real meals cooked and nutritiously prepared by my mother. Thanks to my mother! Without her my life would be forever dependent on those chemical based foods.

Although today, I have noticed that the Philippine market is gradually invaded by companies claiming to sell healthy and organic products. Healthy Options and those supplementary vitamins shown on TV (Kidney Care, Abs Bitter Herbs, Charantia, Liver Aide, etc.). The healthy trend in the Philippine market is good news. But the thing is, at some point these “healthy products” are expensive. Not every Filipino working class could immediately afford it. Their main advocate is prevention is always better than cure. It’s better to spend extra today for prevention, than incur more for cure in the future. True! But as always things and lessons in life are always easier said than done…My silent wish is that living healthy will become easy and less costly. I hope technology would make this possible someday…