Life Lately… again

And yes, I’ m using the same title I made a couple of weeks ago…

My schedule and the volume of workload has been crazy. Office job is fine. Teaching is manageable. I’m rather occupied with the freelance works. Clients here, there and everywhere. My mind is hopping from one task to another.  I should have been the happiest because more clients mean more earnings. But you see, my New Journey series is a proof that I’m not the best person to do financial management. A chunk of my freelance earnings are already devoted for all those stupid and immature credit card debts. Oh Dear God, when will all these bills be out of my system?

I also have to mention the fact that I feel so weak, heavy and lazy lately. I’ve been catching all those sicknesses from cough, colds, fever and some minor allergies. Despite being plagued by these viruses, I don’t feel losing weight. In fact, I feel so bloated. Lazy, yes! If these happened few years ago, I should have been unwinding inside shopping malls.  But weekends since January meant staying home and zzzzzzzz Really, I can sleep more than 12 hours to cover up all those exhaustion I gained the entire week.

I’ve been wanting to write a decent post here. But my mind is flying to all the responsibilities and the bills to pay. Give me some more time, I will be back here. I miss writing insightful posts and visiting my dearest blog friends.

America’s Beauty : My Thoughts on the Controversial Ad

I was watching CNN when I chanced a feature on the latest TV ad from Coca Cola

Apparently, the varied language translation affected a number of American nationals. Many are ranting that it should have been purely sang in their native language.

I respect the sentiments of the American nationals.

If I were an American, will I get offended?

Maybe if our own Lupang Hinirang is rendered in different languages, will I likewise develop the same hate?

At this point, I don’t see anything offensive or disrespecting with the attempt to translate our national anthem to different languages. In fact, part of me feels a degree of appreciation.

If I’m an American, I would feel more proud of my country. The translation and the entire commercial signify that my home is likewise a home for other nationalities. True enough, America is the melting pot of everything. The varied nationalities housed in my dearest country means that we have whole-heartedly embraced everyone. It would be an honor to know that my country became the land of refuge and dreams for other nationalities.

I know that a significant number of immigrants in America represent the Filipino populace. Count 10 Filipino families, 8 of them probably have relatives in America. Many of my fellowmen found better life in America. I thank the country for that.  Though it’s quite sad that a number of my fellowmen, gave up their citizenship for America, I don’t feel hate. America gave them a better life and future. How can I feel hate about that?

I guess this is the real beauty of America. You have become a home to many Filipinos and other nationalities who want nothing but better lives for their families.

Conversations with my dearest college kiddies # 1

Male Student 1 : Ma’am may magandang chicks po na nagyaya sa akin sa condo niya. Pupunta po ba ako? (Ma’am, there’s this hot chick who invited me to visit her condominium unit. Should I accept her invitation?)

Me:  Huwag mo kalimutan magdala ka ng “foods” ha. (Don’t forget to bring “foods”.)

Male Student 1 : Di, nga Ma’am. Pupunta ba ako? (Do you think I should really go, Ma’am?)

Me: If you want to have a bruised face on your graduation photo, by all means … Go!


Male Student 2 : Ma’am, ano kaya ang magandang pangalan ng political party namen? (Ma’am, what can you suggest as a nice name for our political party?

Me : Dapat yung catchy at happy! (The name should be catchy and happy)

Male Student 2 : Ano nga Ma’am? (What can possibly be the name, Ma’am?)