Missed March

Had it not because of the new followers and likes, I would not notice that I remained “post less” for March. I intend to keep this blog alive by maintaining at least one blog post in a month.

March was my busiest month at work. I had two major projects undertaken at work. The last leg of the project was the most exhausting. Reporting for work before 7 am and leaving beyond 9 pm. Added to this the overtimes I rendered days and weeks before the activity. Everything was all done last Wednesday. I took a leave on Friday and it was one of the best decisions I made. Having a three-day weekend was more than enough to rejuvenate and recover my tired self.

I’m typing this on a Sunday night and in a few hours, I’m back to my daily grind. There is still work ahead of me. While preparing my things, I felt that sudden sadness again. I feel like a huge mess and disappointment.

I’m tired of writing sad and pathetic posts. My thoughts are all scattered. But life goes on. I have responsibilities and obligations ahead of me.


Weeks ago, I remember mentioning about my attempts to try my chance to my “dream” company. The second try gave me some optimism. I passed the initial examination. I was told to wait for the succeeding steps. It was a great boost but I haven’t heard from them again. Might as well forget about this and prevent myself to succumb to another failure.