Day 30 – Mission Accomplished!

Hurrah, mission accomplished! I’m done with my 30 day blog challenge.

After three days of out-of-town work, I’m back in the city to end my everyday blogging promise. I initally wanted to read my previous entries before I write this post. But I am just so tired and lazy to click the links and back track everything. I wanted to write something meaningful to conclude my challenge. But my tired spirits just can’t do it. 😦

I can however recall some posts that marked significance in my years of existence. One of which was an opportunity lost, forgotten and is now knocking back in my life. I have decided to take the opportunity despite the unknown challenges and problems it will bring.  My only prayer is that it will be a decision I will never regret taking.

Perhaps it was God’s will that He made me engage in this 30 day blog challenge. He knows that I am about to make this first kind of decision. He wanted me to document everything.

For now, what I can do is to prepare myself and still enjoy the suceeding months with my family and friends. Though now I have to tighten my belt and temporarily say goodbye to shopping. I have bills to pay and new expenditures are coming in with the decision I chose.


Day 28 – Out of Town

This is a scheduled post. 😦

I am most probably out of town because of  a work related task. I don’t know what is bound to happen but hopefully, I will enjoy the work and the beauty of the place.

I am looking forward on writing my Day 30 post.

Day 27 – Oh Life! A series of unfortunate events

I just got home and as I am writing this post, I am starving and I need to pack my things for an out-of-town work. I need to rush this post because my cousin is also sleeping early and soon my free wifi connection is gone.  Hahaha, this is what I love about home, free internet connection courtesy of my cousin.

Today went like an ordinary day except that I was 30 minutes late for my class. I woke up late and to my dismay, the line of passengers at the LRT Katipunan station was so looong. I am thankful to the government’s effort of bringing in this fast and cheap mass transit. But instances like this really agitate me. LRT personnel please do something! Why don’t you deploy more security personnel to speed up the checking of bags? Over time this is my constant observation whenever I need to hasten things. The situation does not to cooperate whenever I’m in a rush. Just when I need to move faster, all the humps and bumps will connive and emerge.

The day at the office should have went smoothly too, except for some things I don’t prefer to disclose. The day ended and then again I have to take the mass rail transit. Just when I thought everything is over, my stored value ticket was rejected.  Geeeeez, strike two LRT!

I went to the Passenger Assistance Office to have my ticket checked. To my surprise, a lady employee handed me a slip that reads “Ticket Incident Report (TIR).”  The employee asked me to write my name and told me to return after 5 to 7 working days for my ticket. Heck, what’s that? Whoever thought of imposing this? A week to determine why a stored value ticket does not work?

Anyway, good thing I have a spare stored value card so I don’t need to wreck my struggling wallet with another Php 100.

As I am writing this post, I am about to sip my corn soup. I thought my hunger will be relieved but I was surprised with a sour corn soup. (Ewww, vommit!) Whatever happened to this day? Oh life!

Day 26 – There are no bad places, there are just bad people

Some months ago, I wrote about the benefits and the downsides brought about by Twitter.  My opinion remains the same, Twitter is a powerful and useful communication platform. However, the great opportunity Twitter offers unfortunately also provides a way for irresponsible users to misuse and abuse it. At the end of the day, the users are still the culprits.

Aside from Twitter, we don’t need to underscore the next most important social communication platform. Love him or hate him, but thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook.

I am a self-confessed Facebook addict too. But believe it or not, I got hooked to Facebook by some accident in the workplace. Friendster used to be my main social networking site. Like a typical Pinoy Friendster addict, I couldn’t last a day without checking my account. But after some time, Friendster was banned in the workplace. On those days when I am recuperating from the absence of Friendster,  my best friend in the workplace asked me if I have a Facebook account.  I told her I think I have a dormant Facebook account.  I remember signing up because a relative from Canada invited me.  To entertain ourselves with the loss of Friendster, I activated my sleeping Facebook account and that started my new social networking life.

My initial Facebook contacts were comprised of colleagues turned friends and later on expanded to long lost friends from elementary to college days, cousins who are miles away, students, and later on relatives. The ironic thing about some of my relatives is that I rarely see them despite the fact that we live in the same small city. Thanks to Facebook because I can catch up with them.

I have to emphasize my “relatives” because they prompted me to write this entry.

Days ago, my cousin asked me if I have been following the status messages of another cousin. I told her I wasn’t checking my Facebook account lately because I’m still adjusting to my 7 am schedule. Facebook was likewise banned in the workplace and its only at home where I can access my account.  Later on, I learned that a “cousin” has been ranting another “family of relatives” through a series of status messages. “Cousin” was apparently making the Filipino “non-confrontational confrontation” approach (parinig) or insinuating a particular person.

To be honest, this was not the first time my relatives were involved in this kind confrontation. My clan does not exhibit a family picture of peace and happiness. Sadly, I have seen some of them backstab, meddle and render that classic “plastic” (pretending to be nice) behavior. Worst is that they have extended their showcase of negative attitude to the cyberspace. They fail to realize that they are giving their hundreds of followers or even their innocent kids the opportunity to learn the negative side of the family. Yes even kids as young as seven years old have Facebook accounts in my family. The kids can navigate Facebook and the internet on their own. I have observed how a pc with an internet connection has become the easiest means to let kids behave and stay at home.  And if I were to be asked, I am not amenable to this practice.

I’m not saying the children should be spared from using the computer and internet. I’d rather see them using the computer as a mechanism to enrich their knowledge and once in a while, a means for decent recreation.

People have raised their opinions on the existence of Facebook and other social networking sites. Some dismayed and sworn to never buy the idea of having a Facebook account. While some or should I say most of us have embraced Facebook in our lives. We have considered Facebook a significant part of us.  Every milestone and significant occasion in our family, friends, career have an album that compiles those pictures. New places, new ventures, everything is documented in those photo albums. Birthday greetings, special messages to gossips, and the chat feature which enables us to reach friends to family members who are miles away. Even the business sector have benefited from Facebook. The Fan pages enable companies to launch products, host a giveaway or to some extent determine the feedback of their customers. Facebook’s good use is infinite. I’m sure the benefits that Facebook bring will continuously expand over time.

If there are beneficial effects, Facebook also has its own downsides. Unfortunately it became a means for people to do nasty things to punishable crimes.  Identity theft, bullying, quarreling, ranting, insinuating a person (parinig), creating blind items to point out an annoying person, showing off material possessions and experiences, and more commonly, a medium to burst out emotions, which became a hobby of my relatives and some of my contacts.

Identity theft through the cyberspace, I have heard stories of friends whose pictures were used to form fake Facebook accounts and worst were uploaded to malicious sites.

Bullying and quarreling is a common trend of status messages. In a week or even a day, I bet my Facebook wall will have one. “Nagmamaganda kasi,” (a figurative expression that pertains to females who keep on meddling and projecting the i-know-it-all image), this expression has been a common content of my Facebook wall. At some point, I felt that this was one of the reasons why Facebook was banned in the workplace.

Making “parinig” or to insinuate a person is another common trend of status messages. I see this as a coping mechanism or a means for people to burst out their annoyance to anger to a certain person. People who constantly make parinig are implusive or sometimes dressed brave, but deep inside they are scared of confrontations. They love to quarrel the hidden and safe way. And I will not pretend not to be one. When I just can’t handle an emotional outrage to a certain person, I used to release it through my share of 420 characters. But after some time, I often find myself regretting and later on erasing an outraged status message. The hard headed person in me realized that making “parinig” does not after all resolve the issue. It sometimes even worsen the problem. To some extent, I am also promoting myself to become the center of gossips.

My opinion remains the same, Facebook is only a platform or a medium of communication. A platform only serves its purpose to transmit information. It has no capacity to create evil and nasty things on its own.  Some external forces should be present to convert  it to an evil and nasty place. There are no bad places, there are just bad people.

If my Facebook wall is flooded with the rants, gossips, blind items, and unnecessary posts, can I blame Facebook? Facebook only transmits the feed of information. Who supplies the feeds anyway?

Day 25 – Home Imprisonment

It’s 2:52 pm and still checking the papers of my students in our dining table turned messy office table. I thought I’m done but I’ve seen a bundle of hidden graphing papers. My hands are tired and my red pen’s ink is already exhausted. I started at 11 am and I haven’t realized that it took me 4 long hours to finish checking the papers of 60+ students. This is the hidden and tedious part of teaching. The job of a teacher does not end in the delivery of the lecture. After the classes, there are still gazillion of things that needs to be done.

The typhoon is gone (hopefully no more rains and strong winds) and this is the perfect time to go malling. But my wallet is screaming empty so I am forced to stay home, search for unwatched DVDs, read my books, blog hop and surf the ‘net and indulge on things that are still free at home.

I have two things to wish for right now, for the typhoon to go away and my wallet to be refilled with shopping money. (Wishful thinking!) But payday is days away and this makes me remember that I have an out-of-town work on the next days. An out-of-town work with an empty wallet, how about that?

So much ranting, I still have other things to do and I might as well start it by finally taking a bath and ending this blog post.

Day 24 – Working in Manila

No work today, yipee!  Since I am broke and the entire Metro is stricken by a typhoon, I’m staying home and spending the lazy afternoon with my family. Priceless happiness! Getting more than enough sleep, movie marathon, mushroom soup in a not so often cold temperature, thank you Lord!

But before I savor another rare extended weekend, I have things to do

1. Check the assignments and quizzes of my students

2. Some research writing job which needs immediate attention

3. Continue the 30 day blog challenge – Hoping there will be no power supply interruption on the next days

It was raining the past days and going home was a torture of walking and beating the crowd of fellow commuters. A big sigh after saying life of rank and file employee.

My colleague and friend Abigail has been telling me that I should blog our walkaton adventures. Since we have been walking from Lawton to Sta. Cruz for three days, I have been tempted to take pictures of our going home adventure. But the area of Lawton to McArthur Bridge is not the safest place to take out my mobile phone. I don’t want to risk my old but reliable phone and my life in the hands of a ruthless criminal. Thankfully, there are bloggers and photographers who accepted the responsibility of bringing Manila to pictures.

We walked the McArthur Bridge for three straight days

The problem with walking along the McArthur Bridge is the not so high metal panels or shoulders. The bridge’s shoulders are barely below my waist and you don’t need to be an acrophobic to be  frightened from falling to the Pasig River.

After walking with enough bravery from the Mc Arthur Bridge, we land to the historic and congested area of Sta. Cruz Manila.

Sta. Cruz from Traveler on Foot

One of my friends who used to work in Manila once told me that she would never again work in any area in Manila. The congested streets, flooding added to it the high incidence of petty crimes are the factors that discourage her to choose Manila. She is currently working in a financial company situated in the elite business district of Ayala Avenue. She would constantly tell me how she loves the clean, organized and community of well-dressed people  in Ayala Avenue. She feels a certain level of confidence and perhaps glamor whenever she tells that she is an “Ayala girl.”

I don’t contest any of her claims. Ayala is indeed way progressive and conducive for working professionals. But what perhaps made me appreciate Manila, despite the face of poverty and convenience it brings, is the priceless pieces of history it possess.  Manila is a home to most of the significant events in the Philippine history.  I don’t need to  enumerate them, allow our history books to relate the number of times Manila was involved from the revolution led by Katipuneros to the time the Philippines was colonized by the Japanese forces. Manila has a lot of stories to share.

Perhaps Manila’s rich history could serve as a reminder whenever I curse the need to walk and endure the flooded streets.  I am blessed to work in a place that served as a home to the many significant events in our history.

and i just ended up making a so cheesy post 😉