So I missed posting for June. I was aware, I just didn’t notice that June ended.

Instead of making a post to keep this blog alive, I decided to write a recent experience. As always, there was something that prompted. I had an experience that gave me the drive to write. Translation : I need to rant and vent out. Hahaha Pardon my negativity, but I guess, it has always been this way in this blog.

A few months ago or years ago, I wrote about loyalty. The post was influenced by someone within my immediate environment. I defined my thoughts about loyalty and how some people have mistakenly define loyalty as boot licking.

Anyhow, this post was caused by the same people who made me define my parameters of loyalty.

A few hours ago, I overheard someone called a colleague as julalay. The word is a colloquial gay lingo which refers to slave. Unfortunately, the term was directed to a fellow professor. That someone happens to be a student under the school’s scholarship program. She used the word to address one of her professors. As far as I know, the student had problems with this professor. I may not be clear with the details, one thing sure though, some policies were bent in favor of the student.

Setting aside their personal issues, I wasn’t comfortable when this student scholar tagged her professor as a slave. Sure enough, no one wants to become a slave or being called to that effect. I felt it was too much disrespect. All the more when the student happens to be a scholar…. When you disrespect your teacher, it also meant disrespecting the school that provided you the scholarship opportunity.

While I may not be the subject of the insult, I felt offended for the simple reason that I’m also an educator. I knew the rigorous process before someone can become a professor or at the very least, a college instructor. More than passing the recruitment process, one has to earn a masteral degree. Once employed, the professor has to undergo continuous studies while fulfilling the demands of teaching. In some instances, professors have to embrace degrading tasks and swallow their pride to facilitate harmonious working relationships among senior colleagues. In order to provide the best learning environment, teachers have to embrace the most inconvenient schedule and set aside time for rest to accomplish the after work of teaching.

Teaching is not one of the easiest jobs in the world. It has its own demands and accountabilities. To be insulted after adhering to all the demands of the profession will never be acceptable. All the more when the person who rendered the harshest words has been granted favor at the expense of the teacher’s reputation.