In the previous years, I can easily squeeze a blog post whenever something bad happens. I will relate my experience, highlight my principles and conclude each post with the hope that there will be better days. It was repetitive, a cycle that more often than not, leads to the same ending. Cliche as it may sound, time will eventually heal everything. By the time I revisit and reread the post, there’s another issue that came in. If there’s anything positive about this blogging cycle, it makes me realise how shallow are my previous struggles. And with how my thoughts appear here, I admit that I’m on the same cycle again.

Something alarming and life changing happened in my second home. I’m referring to my workplace, where I spend more than half of my life.

I cannot easily divulge what went wrong. Maybe, a few months or year from now. All I can say, this is not easy. I’m pressured with own set of principles and the need to please other significant people.

In time, I can relate everything.