I have accepted the fact that I am the only person reading this blog. Though I have a few usual visitors, who for the sake of friendship are forced to read this blog.

I was almost contented with my pathetic blog life. After all I believe that excessive blog exposure and readership will surely have its own unhealthy disadvantages. My boring blog also suits my quiet personality, who does not really enjoy receiving so much attention. I love my silent and peaceful life. To some extent, I also feel that too much readership would later cause some trade off with my freedom of speech.  If everyone reads my blog then I can’t just write about annoying and insensitive colleagues to a few relatives, who for some reason I have grown to dislike  Ooops, did I just hit someone? Warning: All situations and persons appearing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.  LOL, I think that phrase is better than saying beep! beep! Anyone got hurt?

And why am I suddenly writing about the status of my blog? Apparently, I have again proven that a person doesn’t need to shout to be heard or even noticed.

After a year of keeping this blog, I was surprised to gain some followers…. and take note.. from other countries. As to how that happened, I don’t know. My tags and perhaps my occasional visits to blogs that were featured to the most coveted Freshly Pressed made new hits in my blog. This silent practice gave me one to two followers.

One of my many eight followers includes the blog, My Event Full Life. (I failed to ask her name and her profile does not reveal). Anyhoo, she gave me this badge

Thank you dear follower!

She mentioned in her post that I need to do prepare two lists after accepting the badge.

First task: Enumerate 7 things about myself.

Here you go!

1. I can’t sleep unless my bed sheets and pillow cases are neatly tucked. I hate dirty and crumpled bed linens.

2. I don’t wear lipsticks. I don’t know how to perfectly apply and maintain them. I always end up having lipstick residues on my teeth.

3. I don’t wear heels. I am on the contrary obsessed with flats.

4. I can’t live without hair conditioners. My hair is chemically damaged and treated so I badly need those fabric softeners, I mean hair conditioners.

5. I love my part time teaching job. Well, the truth to that matter is that I have a love-hate relationship with teaching. I have learned to love teaching but its accompanying task of checking tons of papers is what I hate. I love to speak, explain and share new things to these young minds.

6. I love my free lance research jobs. They form my few and humbled accomplishments. An accomplished job makes me feel that I still have self-worth. All of my clients have successfully defended their paper and earned their graduate degrees.

Just to prove that I am an effective research consultant / statistician, I was able to assist a masteral student to finish her thesis on time. We never met in person but we were able to make things work. Text messages and email were enough for us to get things done.

7. I am single, boring but not unloved… nuff said!

Second Task: Pass the award to 15 blogs!

I think I can’t complete the 15. But just the same, I’m complying with the fun part of the task. I’m passing this award to the following blogs

1. Travel for Travel’s Sake

2. Conch Salad

3. Over a Piece of Cake

4. By Nikki Photography

5. Nanayisms

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Just a Selfish Vanity Post: What’s inside my bag?

To lighten up things in my complicated life, allow me to make my first vanity post in my “serious” blog.

A segment from a defunct local TV show inspired me to write this post. The show have this segment called “bag raid,” where reporters forcefully peek in the contents of the bag of a female celebrity. Whether I hated or loved the featured celebrity, I was always curious of what was inside their bags. Silly and non-sense, but those segments never failed to poke my interest.

Since no one would ever be interested in peeking in my cheap and generic bags, allow me to do things by myself. Presenting… my own bag raid 😉

What's inside my bag?

1. Foldable Umbrella – I am a regular commuter so an umbrella is a must. This gadget protects me from getting roasted from the scorching heat of the sun and experiencing colds from unexpected rain showers.

2. Beauty Kit – My everyday beauty kit is comprised of a comb with large teeth (to combat my long unmanageable and tangled hair), hair clamp (to hide those tangles and frizzy hair), face powder (preferrably Maybeline’s Extra Smooth Clear Shine Foundation), eye shadow (Human Nature’s Mineral beauty palette), blush on (preferably Maybeline’s Cinnamon blush) and a dark brown eye brow pencil (to tame and groom my thin eye brows).

3. Alcohol please! – This is a regular content of my bag. Do I need to explain? 😉 I prefer those alcohol with skin moisturizers. Regular rubbing alcohol usually leaves my skin dry and prone to paper cuts.  So moisturizers to keep my skin clean and healthy are preferred.

4. A Book – I’m a regular commuter so most of the time I am trapped in traffic in a boring public transportation. A good read is enough to keep me occupied in those periods where I need to battle long hours of traffic.

5. Small and big wallets – My small wallet serves as my coin purse while the big wallet is where I store my cards, IDs, etc. etc.

6. Techie stuff – My both obsolete Nokia E63 and iPod Nano. In times when I am stuck in traffic and reading a book is no longer possible, my iPod Nano is there to save the day. I usually go home late so my iPod Nano is my constant boredom buster from the long hours of travel.

7. My rosary – My refuge and my companion in times of distress. A lot of people bring rosaries because they believe that it’s a lucky charm. The rosary for me is more than an amulet. It serves as a reminder to my devotion to the Blessed Mother.

That’s it for my bag raid. 😉 Till my next.. hopefully… happy post.

Crayola Series: More of my Crayola days

I admit this blog has been full of drama over the past days and weeks. To be specific, much of my recent posts contribute to my CRAYOLA series. Wait… this reminds me that I haven’t explained how and why I use of that word for my blogging series.

We all know that Crayola is that famous brand of crayons. However, what I’m writing under the Crayola Series are not obviously about those coloring pens. The word “CRAYOLA” was created by the Filipino gay community.  In the Filipino “gay” lingo, CRAYOLA means crying.  But why crayola? How do crayons relate with crying? The two different words were equated to each other simply because they sound alike. The Filipino gay community has this habit of replacing words that relate feelings and emotions with proper nouns.  Instead of just saying “cry,” it was replaced with the word that sounds like “cry,” which led to “Crayola.” That’s the simplest and silliest explanation.

I started the Crayola Series after my failed attempts to seek for funding opportunity for my first research presentation abroad. My research was accepted by a prestigious university in Asia for presentation. It was a dream come true…..well just almost. I have been seeking for funding assistance from my institution and a government agency, who both claimed that they are willing to support research endeavors. Sadly, not all institutions practice what they preach. I have been crying over rejections and elusive funding opportunities. To tell you the truth, I haven’t received an exact letter of regret until this day. But by some accident, I discovered that our institution has no plans of supporting me. It’s a discretely deceiving approach that they are implementing.  They would make me believe they are helping me. At the end of the day, they are all fake and empty promises. And in my opinion, this approach is worst than blatantly saying that my application is denied. They are torturing me with waiting, hoping and later frustration. The best!

The painful rejections came to me on two consecutive Fridays. After each weekend, I thought I will be “well” over the next days.  Turns out, I am only “well” in my thoughts. I report to work and pretend that I have moved on. Deep inside, I am very unwell. I am still weeping.

God knows how I want to end this misery. However, I have learned that moving on from this downfall will never come in the fastest and easiest way. Moving on and letting go are the hardest. Rejection only brings the first stroke of pain. The real pain is felt and endured each day as I try to convince myself that life should go on.

As much as I wanted to end this Crayola series, my heart conveys a different message. When will I be able to end this series, I don’t know. As always, only God knows and only time can tell.

Sincerity Chicken Reviewed

It has been months since I last reviewed a restaurant. My schedule and lack of friends to tag along are among the few reasons why I fail to write some food posts.  To break my long hiatus, I’m reviewing one of the many inexpensive restaurants in my favorite Binondo.

I have to thank my friend Anna for insisting to try this restaurant.

This was one of Anna’s birthday wishes. She told me she wanted to try this restaurant on her birthday. Being the dutiful friend, I agreed to locate this restaurant in Binondo.

Sincerity Restaurant is located in the heart of the Yuchengco St. (formerly Calle Nueva). Yuchengo street is an area in Binondo where most businesses offering office supplies and machines are located.  The entire street is about wholesalers of office supplies. As we were locating the restaurant, I began to have doubts of its real location. But after a 5-minute walk from the original branch of Savory Restaurant, we found it. Hooray! Thank you Google Maps. 🙂 Turns out, it was the only restaurant in the entire stretch of the Yunchengco street.

Anna was fascinated over the popular reviews for Sinecrity Chicken. We don’t want to miss the speciality of the house so here it is.

We ordered the famous Sincerity Chicken good for 4 persons at around Php 200 to Php 300. (Can’t remember the exact price)

If I would rate the chicken, I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Price – It’s reasonable enough for Php 200 to 300.

Servings – If you are really in for a food trip this serving might not be enough for 4 persons. The pieces of the chicken are relatively small.

Taste – To be honest, nothing really distinct and spectacular about the chicken. Though it tastes good enough, the taste was not highly appealing. Not bad, but not so excellent either. An average rating will do for the chicken.

Aside from chicken, we also ordered this stuffed Kikiam. (Not really sure of the exact name.) I’ll give this dish 4 out of 5 stars. It’s unique and the taste combines different flavors.

Kiampong rice which tastes like brown rice. It has peanuts and some vegetable slices.

We also ordered Lumpiang Shanghai. But just the same, it’s cheap for a few pieces and nothing unique and appealing to remember.

Binondo occupies a smaller section of Manila’s land area. Abundant space is a rare find in Binondo. All business establishments are challenged to maximize their share of limited space. Sincerity Restaurant is one of the many restaurants that occupies a limited space but it has managed to maintain a clean and conducive place to dine. The ambiance of the fancy elegant Chinese restaurants is not something that Sincerity Restaurant has. However, the restaurant compensates for its fast and efficient service. Food is served hot, fresh in a little span of time.

Overall, I would give Sincerity Restaurant 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Crayola Moment: Painful days

Last Friday was consistently not a good one. While I spent my weekend outdoors, I thought my sadness and frustration will be over. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

I thought I have already moved on from my failed attempts to seek for funding opportunity. I admit the pain of rejection is still in my heart. Forgetting is far from reality. At the very least, I thought I can move on. I thought it was over. I failed to realize that the idea of letting go is just in my thoughts.

As I am on the way to work, my failed attempts to beg for funding opportunities are still thriving in my heart. Letting go and moving on is an everyday process of trickling pain. The real key in moving on and letting go is to learn how to survive each day where each piece of failure is like shattering me to pieces.

Soon.. I hope and pray.. I will be fine…and when that day comes I hope I will also be able to redeem myself.  To redeem the life, happiness and the confidence that I am capable to write and make things happen..