January Updates

I don’t have plans of blogging today but the strength of the iced mocha I had is starting to kick in. I’m wide awake after a long and tiring week. Added to this, it doesn’t help that the Korean drama I’m watching is reaching the part when the villains are starting to dominate. After the last scene, I switched to another movie channel and made the wrong decision again. I landed on the scene where two female actresses are having a slapping feast. :p hahaha I have to calm down myself.

Going back, it’s been a long and tiring week. So much happened, it felt like a week wasn’t enough to contain everything. It started with the culmination of my freelance works. The first month of the year has been so good to me. I gained freelance works. Everything has been accomplished. I was blessed with cooperative clients. More importantly, all professional fees have been settled. Thanks be to God! 🙂 Although admittedly, much of my earnings have already been spent. I settled debts and purchased some rewards for myself. For the first time, I refrained from purchasing another bag. I diverted my resources to a better investment …. some pieces of jewelry. I know, I know. Money looks better when placed inside a bank account. But this has been in my bucket list for the longest time. To my defense, a piece of real gold jewelry is no doubt, better than a brand new Kate Spade bag. To which I discovered, the amount I spent for an imported branded is more than enough to purchase an 18k jewelry.

Other than the freelance work, another unexpected work came in. It was a work that came from the top management, a personal favor from someone in the top management. The details are quite complicated to explain. What I can say now, I feel so relieved because 95% of the work is over. Admittedly, it wasn’t my best effort. But everything has been done. I’ll just hope that everything will be over soon. I hope to end this saga at the workplace. I’ve been sleep deprived the entire week. I can’t find the time to squeeze in exercise. I had episodes of stress eating. My double chin is beginning to show up. 😦 I need to get back to exercise.  I want to look half decent next week.

The start of the year has been so good to me. It has been tiring but its returns of feel so rewarding. I used to say that if I win the lottery, almost all of my problems and worries will go away. But deep inside, I only pray for more freelance works or earning opportunities on top of my day job. I wish for more money, but earning it as a result of my hard work.

It’s 12:39 am here, I’m winding down the day (although its already another day) with some chips and cake. This is not stress eating, but more of rewarding myself in an evil way. :p My weight will surely be the first casualty. Hahaha