On next attraction

I am a movie fan but I rarely splurge money to movie houses. I rather hoard DVDs and spend the day in bed watching them.  Seeing a movie also becomes pricier these days so I really select the movies I watch.

Before the year ends, I have two MUST watch movies.

One is Jet Li’s The Sorcerer and The White Snake

The die hard fan Jet Li in me will never fail to watch this movie whatever it takes.  His last movie was The Expendables, which I reviewed in this post.

My second film in the list is Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (US Version).

I’m so excited! With or without my friends, I will watch these movies!

Where’s my chicken?

It was nearing 12 pm and since it was raining so hard, we decided to have our lunch delivered at the workplace. We agreed to have KFC and I ordered my favorite fully loaded meal. The delivery arrived past 12, despite calling  them an hour in advance, CUSTOMER SERVICE SCORE down!

Hungry and excited over my hot and crispy chicken, I opened my box and I was given a huge surprise. Where is my chicken????? 

I can extend my patience over the absence of spoon, fork, or perhaps the fixin. Heck, of all items? How could they forget  the main reason why we ordered from them! 

My colleague called KFC and instead of immediately resolving the problem, the customer service representative directed our concern to the branch responsible for the delivery. And the same set of questions were asked! @#$%! All we wanted was the undelivered chicken which happens to be your fault. Why ask too many questions? Thirty minutes later the missing piece of chicken was delivered. The problem was resolved but since it was already 1 pm, I might as well not enjoy my most craved crispy chicken.

Poor Customer Service KFC delivery!

Thank you Starbucks!

I was having a hard time doing my much needed paper at home last Sunday. I just can’t capture my concentration to write.

I used to have quiet Sunday afternoons with my parents. Sundays before meant hearing old songs, sumptuous lunch, and sleepy afternoons. But after a public school was constructed behind our house, we literally and figuratively lost that quiet Sunday life. A choir was regularly practicing in one of the classrooms and our ears would get exhausted over their voices. I’m not however criticizing the quality of their voices. It’s just that we get really tired of hearing repeated songs and vocalization exercises.

Before I waste another Sunday afternoon, I finally decided to look for a place where I could regain my focus in writing. I brought my netbook and with a struggling wallet, I went to the lone Starbucks  in my hometown.

I ordered my favorite Java Chip, glazed doughnut and Kettle Chips and prayed that after spending Php 285, I will finally have progress in my paper.

When I started working  the security guard approached me and offered to attach a cable lock to my netbook. It was my first time to experience this kind of supplementary service.

Photo from sqwander.blogspot.com
I didn’t know that Starbucks provides laptop cable locks to its clients.
As much as I criticize companies who failed to practice proper customer service, I provide high appreciation to innovative and customer responsive companies. Thank you Starbucks!  And to the security guard on duty, thank you for the extended assistance. I will definitely be a loyal customer to Starbucks Marquinton. I hope all Starbucks branches will implement the same practice.

Lesser sleep means more weight

In my younger years, I never thought that weight will become a problem that will haunt me everyday. Years passed and I became the person I never thought of. I used to hate people who weigh everyday and would freaked out over a line of weight gain. Today, I imbibed the person I hate. Every time I stepped on that metal scale, I wanted the pointer to stop or move back. Wait,  this is not me at 138 lbs and still counting… grrrr!

I am not the best person to carry out a diet, I mean a “strict and disciplined diet.” I eat what I want to eat. The next best remedy for me is exercise but the courage to start is the problem. While I lack sleep during weekdays, I overcompensate myself during weekends. I sleep for almost 10 hours and when I wake up, it’s usually past lunch already.

I always thought that sleep deprivation is in one way or another synonymous to food deprivation. When you don’t eat, you are depriving your body of its needed nutrients. In effect, it could possibly lead to weight loss. In the case of sleeping, I thought the system works the same. Lesser sleep means depriving your body of its needed rest. In effect, you lose something and it contributes to weight loss too. To my biggest surprise, I was wrong.

While watching the Philippine Edition of The Biggest Loser, I learned that sleep deprivation could contribute to weight gain and even Diabetes. I googled additional sources and it was true enough. The simplest explanation I received was during the state of sleep, our body is breaking down more glucose. People who deprive themselves of sleep is altering this normal process of our body. In effect, our system can’t fully transform or decompose all those glucose. In the long run, the practice of sleeping late leads to weight gain and worst is acquiring Diabetes.

Lesson learned: Not all forms of deprivation leads to weight loss. In this case less sleep, more weight.

Sleep deprivation equates to weight accummulation.

There is greatness in silence

Today marks the 63rd birthday of the greatest man I’ve ever met.

If only technology came early for us, I would have done the same thing for you. I would write the things I can’t say and share every significant milestone in my life with you. I guess, we are only the two persons in the family to the entire clan, who are negatively perceived as the person of few words. We don’t talk much because we don’t want to become contributors to our chaotic environment. You never gave me advices and words of encouragement, but I realized that a lot of the values and principles I have in life came from you. You gave me the best parenting approach, living by example. Your entire life was a showcase of patience, selflessness, humility, hardwork, respect for elders and silence in mind and heart.

You never read me books. We never talked that much but you gave me the best learnings about life. I can’t even think of a way to honor and gratify you. My entire life and humbled achievements will always be a tribute to the all the love and sacrifices you have endured.

Happy Birthday to the man whose silence overflows with principles, values, love and greatness.

Happy Birthday Daddy.