New Journey Series

I engaged myself in different blogging marathon and challenges over the past years. I had the 30 Day Blog Challenges: Part 1 and Part 2 for two consecutive years. I also had the Crayola Series where I documented my journey to my first trip abroad and my first ever international presentation.  I was never contented with these series, I even engaged myself to a cheesy 14 days of love challenge, in lieu of the Valentine’s Day  (my most hated part of the year LOL)

So what’s the purpose of this page? How does the New Journey series relate? This series serves as another blogging challenge for me.  However! However! This one is unique because more than a periodic blogging challenge, this one is a journey to reality.

In this challenge, I will document my greatest struggles for the longest time which include

1. Eradication of all those plastic rectangular devices in my life – Credit cards, you know? 😉 Do I need to expound?  I wanted to settle all my pending credit card bills within three years. Three years is long and painful but with the way things are going, I don’t have a choice anyway. I have to swallow and tenderly chew my own bitter pill after becoming submissive to all those shopaholic attacks.

2. To fatten my savings account – Who doesn’t want an overflowing savings account? I’m single and for the benefit of my own future, I meant old age, I wanted to ensure that I will not starve and beg for my needs to my relatives.  I wanted to support myself even during the time when I could no longer blog and recognize myself.

3.  To become a living example that even rank and file employees are capable of achieving financial independence – Need I say more? As an employee who will never have the chance to elevate in the corporate ladder, this could be our greatest consolation. We may not have all the resources and money in the world but we were able to support ourselves with honesty and hardwork.

That’s it! I hope I was able to organize my thoughts and convey my intended message to everyone. You see, I’m not the most organized person in the world, despite being a proud member of the female populace. LOL Perhaps, this explains why I landed in this series in the first place. I’m disorganized in every aspect of my life and I’m exerting all means to iron out everything.

You can read my New Journey series here.

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