New Journey Series : What happened in 2015

I never wrote anything for my New Journey Series in 2015. Applause. Haha How I wish the reason why I wasn’t able to write anything is because my problem is over. My debts were all paid. I have closed my credit cards. I’m debt free. The truth however is I’m still tied up. Please don’t send me all the blame in the world. For the longest time, I knew it was my fault. I don’t need another person to remind and emphasise it again, again and again.

I haven’t been using my credit cards. Truth. It was only during the last months of 2015 when I was able to use it. All my transactions were paid in cash in 2015. Problem is, the debt accumulated because I got a second insurance policy. I don’t have intentions of acquiring another insurance. Not this time yet. My financial focus was to settle all the credit card balances. However, back in the last quarter of 2014, I helped a friend who was a starting financial adviser / agent of this insurance company. The insurance policy payment was auto enrolled in my credit card. The disadvantage which I later realised, it was easier not to pay. I missed some monthly payments. And given that my card has previous balances, everything accumulated and the next time I woke up, I messed up again.

The only positive development I had in 2015 happened in one of my credit card. I loan a particular amount of money and used it to pay out all the balances for this card. I still have a little to pay. But soon enough, I would be able to kill this card. 🙂

When I started the series a few years ago, I forecasted that I will be able to pay all my debts this year… at this age. If I had only been consistent and disciplined, I’m about to be debt free. I’m about to gain my financial freedom. Almost, I ruined my own plan.

This year, I will not make so much promises anymore. I’m still crafting another game plan for this. Hopefully it will work. I wish I will have all the discipline in the world. Likewise, I hope I have more than enough freelance works to enable my plan. What I initially wanted is to divert all my freelance earnings for credit card payment this year. I’ll probably treat myself for items less than Php 1,000. It can’t exceed beyond this point.

My 2015 was not good. Much of the negative things happened in my career and a few relationships. I trusted the wrong people, it ruined me. The silver lining though, I was able to filter who were my real friends are.

I don’t want to live forever like this. Things will get better for me.

Please grant the wish of this Smart Prepaid Subscriber for 20 years

I finally got myself a new phone. Thankful to all the unexpected freelance works. I’m a happy owner of a better and faster phone. With a better phone, I thought life would be easier. I underestimate one important aspect of smartphones. The need to convert to nano sim. Long before I switched to another phone, I visited the SM Marikina branch of Smart Wireless Center. I asked if it’s possible to convert the old humonguous sim to nano size, given that I’m a prepaid subscriber. I was told that my request is possible. I went home feeling complacent. I don’t need to undergo the hassle of changing numbers.

When I finally acquired the new phone, I went to my original plan. I visited the same branch. I was about to request the conversion and replacement of my old sim to nano size. Problem is, I was informed that most branches have limited stocks of the blank nano sim cards. I visited another branch, particularly Sta.Lucia East Grand Mall.The guard dismissed my request. No stocks available. I visited another branch in SM Masinag. I was told to wait. I was very optimistic only to end up with nothing.

I moved to another branch, SM Manila. I was expecting the same outcome. It happened. I tried the Gateway Mall branch. Waley.  Nothing happened. The last I tried was the Ali Mall branch. I observed consistency. Nothing.

I tried six branches. All ended as futile attempts.I tried calling the customer service hotline (8881111). Failed. The customer service assistant cannot assist me. On her end, I was told that they don’t have access to the stocks of wireless centers. I asked for alternatives. Nothing was given. I was the one who initiated alternative, to change number which I will never do. She advised me to manually cut my sim card. Sorry, I don’t like it. I prefer to have a real nano sim, LTE and under my old number.

So there goes my life over the past three days. Haha I’m ranting, sorry. But you see, I’ve been a loyal subscriber for almost two decades. I hope Smart recognizes this.But since I’m a prepaid subscriber, craaaap. I’m not a valuable client. Not a priority. Not a major source of concern. Smart may deny it but on my end, this is how I feel.

Learning point : If you wanted to be treated well, be a postpaid subscriber.



It’s another year. My two-week holiday break is over and as of typing this, I feel the laziest person alive. It’s been almost a week since I reported for work. But God knows, I still haven’t recovered. I’m not ready yet.

I’ve been juggling a number of job assignments. The rest are manageable. This one major task is unfortunately killing me. Not that it’s difficult and draining. The bitter truth is, I just feel too lazy. Maybe I can forgive myself for being lazy on the first work week. But next week, I need to do it. I need to face it. I need to make things moving.

Aside from this major task at work, I have been blessed with freelance works. During the holiday break, I was able to finish around 3 assignments. Unfortunately, there was this freelance work for a large company that is (borrowing the lyrics from a popular song) killing me softly..not with this song.. but with the client’s requests. He has results on his mind. He wanted the study to generate findings on his terms and conditions. I’m so dead. But for the sake of my dying mobile phone and bills to pay, okay I surrender. Hahaha

I wanted to write more because there has been some blog worthy…. irritating stories and adventures about my life to document. Hahaha But I have to return to my work.

Ciao, wish me hardwork and more patience 🙂