Summer of 2017

Last day of May and I almost skipped my effort to maintain my monthly blog post. As always, where did time go?

I can still remember the last few days of March leading to the annual graduation ceremonies. I fulfilled my last few responsibilities in my teaching stint. Office work was fine, but part of me feels that I’m not productive.  We were quite blessed with long holiday breaks from the Holy Week and the visit of some ASEAN leaders. We had our annual summer outing at the workplace and while I enjoyed it with my friends, I came home problematic when my mobile phone broke down. Acquiring another phone is out of the plan this year. Some blessings came because my reliable mentor gave me some freelance works. Added to this, my phone line enabled me to acquire a new handset at a discounted rate. I thought my problem was over not until Apple / PowerMac gave me one of my worst nightmares. The first handset I received was defective. It took PowerMac two repairs to declare that it’s gone to iCloud heaven. I received a replacement phone, which was again, defective. To my count, I’ve been to PowerMac service center twice every week to deal with a defective phone. With the experience, I would like to believe that this has to be my first and last iPhone ever. I’m really disappointed with Apple and Power Mac.

While typing this post, I remember another shattering story. Betrayal killed another friendship again. If this happened earlier, I would have blogged the entire story. Unfortunately, I feel tired to recall and relate all the details. I just can’t believe how some people would give up their integrity in exchange for some personal gain and advantage. What I know for sure, you can never have that trust and respect from other people once you resort in this kind of system.

As for my career plans, my application to this government agency was revived again. After passing the grueling exam, I never received any word from the HR. Two months after, I was requested to report for another exam. It’s been two weeks since I took the exam and as always, I’m left hanging in the tree of uncertainty.

I would like to write more but my thoughts are all scattered. One moment, I think about my career, changing life principles, financial state and later my long suppressed and expired?!? teenage romantic hormones are activated. :p A grown up who develops a crush and making all means to get his attention. Oh and watching some Korean dramas is giving me entertainment and making me hold on to false hopes.

My life and direction is currently filled with confusion, pathetic thoughts, heartaches, and disappointments. I feel like a failure although at some point, I’m trying to convince myself that I’m probably on a motionless phase. Nothing seem to happen, nothing seem to change because I’m not doing anything to move forward.