Hey May!

May is about to end and as always, I’m writing this entry just to keep the blog alive.

Summer is about to end. A few more sleeps, another school year is about to open. This time however, work life will be a little different. I don’t know if I will still have the opportunity to teach. Given the additional school year of the K-12 program, our college and most universities as well, are faced with the dilemma of no freshmen students. The student populace will decrease, which also meant that the number of subject offerings will lessen. Henceforth, lesser teaching jobs available especially for those who are employed on a part time basis. Priority will be given to the tenured faculty members. In my case, I will surely be confined with office work. The workload may be lighter but I have to admit that I feel concerned with the¬†decrease in income. Teaching may not provide the best pay in the world but at the end of the day, income is still income.

A few days ago I have been rattled. There has been so much concerns going on my mind. I gave up. The future plans are important but the presence circumstances demand more attention. But then again, I cannot always live with this kind of system. I have to simultaneously handle all these concerns.

I have a lot to write these days but I’m saving it for another post or probably, in another place to begin with.