When the teacher rants

I’ve been meaning to blog this suppressed sentiment. It’s been months since this happened but for some reason, I always fail to document my thoughts. Now that I’m having an extended weekend vacation, I have the time to finally escape the sentiment that has been occupying my stressed system.

Several months ago, I was required to attend a seminar about Business Plan Writing. The seminar gave me new ideas on how I could be a better Business Plan instructor. But given the fact that I don’t anymore teach Business Plan Writing, I’d rather reserve the knowledge to other profitable venture. Haha Hello freelance works! I’m ready and more equipped now.

We were blessed to be accommodated by a  knowledgeable and experienced speaker. He is an educator and a businessman at the same time. That’s what you call a perfect lethal master. Everything in the seminar went almost perfect not until a “beautiful” colleague raised her “important” opinion on the kinds of businesses that our college kids are pursuing. While colleague was expressing her touch-me-not prowess, I wished that her students heard what she said. Colleague was always claiming that she is proud of our college kids. She was always commending her students in her Facebook account. The pitiful and innocent college kids were made to believe that she is like a real concerned second mother.

Colleague criticized our college kids in front of the distinguished speaker. How about that? Colleague specifically pointed out that most of our students’ businesses lack depth and innovation. Our students’ businesses evolve only on turon, fish balls, bananacue and the like. How I wish the college kids really heard how she belittled their ideas. While I was equally disappointed, the speaker made the best answer. According to Mr. Speaker, we should teach our college kids to dream big businesses. It should be that way. However, we cannot discount the fact that mediocre business ideas don’t necessarily meant a waste of time. If the student can sell a bananacue ten times faster than all of his competitors, then there’s something extraordinary from an ordinary idea.  As to how the student turned the ordinary business idea to an extraordinary earning opportunity, consider that as an excellent component of a business plan.

In the few years I’ve taught Business Plan Writing, I’ve lived to the principle that there is no such thing as a useless business venture. Every business meant opening an opportunity. The real excellence in business planning emerges on how a student can unearth profit to an idea that is often belittled by some substance empty prowess. At the end of the day, successful businesses are not often defined by a unique idea. It’s how a student handles the idea that steers the business to success. In like manner that there is no such thing as a small business idea. Every idea represents  a tiny seed of opportunity. The real measure emerges on how a student will turn a seed to a productive tree that survives and profits over time.

Pardon this rant post. The teacher just want to speak her mind aloud.

A New Journey

One of my closest friends at the workplace once showed me her budgeting tool. It was a Microsoft Excel file that itemized her expenditures and the expected earnings (take note) for the entire year. Whoa! My jaw literally dropped for a few seconds. As I explored her budgeting tool, I noticed that there are two sheets in the Excel file. The first sheet tallies her estimated income and expenditures. The second sheet contains her actual expenditures. It served as her monitoring tool. At some point, I felt that it was an exaggerated attempt. To record your daily expenditures and stress yourself in complying with your targets are way too much.

While I was on house arrest  for the week, I had the opportunity to watch an interview with the famous financial guru, Francisco Colayco. The interview was so brief and I know that he has more to share. How I wish the man would be given a regular TV show in a local channel. In that way, he could reach out to more hardworking Filipinos, who want nothing but financial independence.

While I was listening to Colayco’s advises, I realized that I can be one of his perfect example. Perfect case study for a lousy employee. I was awaken by how much money I’ve thrown away over the past years. I was alarmed by the money I splurged for shopping, not realizing that they could have been productive investments by now. If only I was cautious and prudent enough, I would have been richer by how poorer I see myself now.

I admit that I’m in serious financial trouble now. I can still support my family and personal expenses. I can save a little for my savings account.  However, the swipes and unnecessary spending over the past years are reincarnating as ghosts that haunted me over the past days.

I will not deny the fact that I wanted to get rich. Well, who doesn’t? Call me selfish but I want to earn more than enough for my family. I wanted financial stability for my parents, brother and my single self.  But with the way things are going now, this dream is far from reality.

I’m now given my own bitter pill to tenderly chew and swallow. I don’t want to remain in this blackhole. So starting today, I will be implementing my own financial monitoring device as well. I badly needed it. I have a feeling that I’m spending more than what I actually earn. Hence, this is the main reason why those plastic devices became my best friends over the past years. What I used to perceive as an overrated and exaggerated monitoring device turns out to be one of my newest friends.

To my dear blog friends who are reading this post, please pray for me and wish me well.  I wanted to uplift myself. I wanted to become a living proof that even rank and file employees are capable to draw and execute their roadmap to financial independence. As I journey to my much needed financial liberation, expect more posts on this struggle. Hopefully, the journey’s ending will resemble the conclusion of my Crayola series. Hopefully, things and life will be better for me.

Here comes the sun

This has been the consistent view from my room for the entire week.

My country has been badly stricken by monsoon rains over the past days.  This has been one of the greatest ironies that life has given me.  The number and extent of casualties can’t justify the fact that everything is blamed on what we perceived as a weak weather irregularity.

While the monsoon rains started to proliferate my country, our home was one of those who struggled with panic attacks and worries.  Everyone at home was restless. Though it was still clear and safe outside our home, everyone silently rendered their prayers.

I was lucky because I work for a school. The management decided to likewise suspend work. Hence, I was safe at home. I have my family and I have a home. I was thankful enough. However, aside from my parents, I was surprised to find another home. I received the most unexpected text messages from friends I haven’t seen from ages and a few colleagues. I found an extended home to people who remembered that I live in a flood prone area. Truth is, as much as I don’t want to blame the media, my hometown has always been placed in a bad light during the rainy season. My poor hometown is always introduced as a submerged city during the rainy season. If only my fellowmen could speak, I’m sure everyone wanted to shout that only 3% of the city’s municipalities become regular casualties of flooding.

Setting aside my personal rants, the main reason why I made this post is because I wanted to personally express my gratitude to my REAL FRIENDS. My few real friends are those who first expressed their concern even before the evil monsoon rain started to hit our place. They are my friends who never waited for the news.  I was further overwhelmed when a few of my friends extended their home to my family.  I literally and figuratively found a second home.

Allow me to mention my few real friends who first took the initiative to check on me

Melody – It has been ages since I last saw her. She is my college buddy and constant seatmate during exams.  Whenever a typhoon is about to hit the country, she never fails to make it as the first few persons who would check on me.

Former colleague P – When my family was hit by typhoon Ondoy, he was one of the few who texted me. He never fails to check whether I’m still floating and kicking alive.

Workplace Bestfriend T – She is my bestfriend in the workplace. We have been lunch buddies for 6 years and no one and can ever beat that. Dude, thank you for that one text message.

Girlfiend L – L is my ever “kuripot” (stingy)  friend. I never received any Christmas or Birthday gift from this girl. I’m not kidding! But girl, don’t worry! LOL You have beaten them for checking on me first.

My Big Boss – Thanks for always checking on me.

After I thanked these persons through a Facebook status message, I received another set of messages.  Some simply “liked” my status.  Some sent me smiley comments. Some suddenly popped in the chat box. I appreciate them. But more than the “likes” and “smileys” sent, my heart belongs to my few friends who extended their sincerest concern. Cliche as it may sound, but friendships are best tested during the most trying moments of our life. The people who would remember and  reach you first are those that are for keeps.

The storm, I mean the monsoon rains, are over. This was the view that woke me up this morning.

Here comes the sun! Thank you Lord.

And I just gave up

During my first few months at work, a previous neighbor approached me as I was waiting for an FX taxi bound to the train station. She wanted to verify if I was already working. When I said yes, she made the expected series of questions. Where I work? I told her the name of the school that serves as my employer. What I do? She never allowed me to answer. She assumed and mentioned, so you work as the school’s cashier?

In a way, I felt insulted. But allow me to clarify things first. I felt insulted not because I’m belittling my fellow hard working employees, who are performing the job of a cashier. Heaven knows the risk and meticulousness required to a cashier in any institution. What rather offended me is the manner she addressed her assumption. The tone of her words sounded a great belittlement for someone who spent four years of sleepless sacrifice in college. She made me feel affronted.

However, deeper analysis of the situation made me realize that my agitation is partly my fault. Why? I used to wear an all white blouse and blue pants as my office uniform. With my poor posture and Plain Jane, I realized that I should still be thankful because I wasn’t mistaken for another person. Blame it on my used-to-be frail built, pale face and poor posture. I don’t look sophisticated and dignified for my real job position.

My neighbor’s misconception of my real work left me wondering how my relatives and my immediate family view the career I chose to take. Do they really know in the first place what I do for a living?

It later dawned me that even my mother cannot exactly figure out my line of work. I used to work as a Researcher and currently, the Planning Officer of the school. My mother tells everyone that I’m an analyst. According to her, I analyze numbers and write. Truth is, she is on the right track. In real life however, my life as a Researcher extends beyond those tasks. I will no longer write about my life as a Researcher. Let my old post about my life in Research explain everything.

After working for Research, I was transferred to the Planning Office. This time, I’m sure that my mother is totally clueless as to what I do. All she knows is that I work in one of the school’s offices.

Pointing out these situations enabled me to discover the technicality and the rarely understood nature of my work. My work at the Planning Office is not as easy to present like the careers of the accountants, doctors and teachers. My line of career is something that only the members of the management committee and a few colleagues could understand. Allow me to explain my current job, the simplest way I could.

I work for the Planning office. For those who could still recall their Management 101 in college, we were oriented that any organization possesses the following functions; Planning, Organizing, Leading, Implementing, Controlling and Evaluation. Obviously, our office performs in the first phase of the management process. We plan! We help offices and the management draft their objectives. However, we don’t just facilitate the planning activity itself. Our real objective is to help every department draft and organize programs and activities that will be supportive and consistent with the institution’s mission and vision. Basing from my experience, a common mistake of offices is the drafting of activities that later end up as useless and unproductive efforts for the entire institution. Some offices create programs for the benefit of beautifying their accomplishment reports. Little do they know, the programs are leading the organization to nowhere.

Our office also directly reports to the institution’s President. Hence, much of our assignments are directly commanded by the President. If he wants a project proposal for a new business venture, cost benefit analysis documentation to his executive report, everything is handled by our office.

I’ve been reporting for the Planning Office for two years. My few years still makes me feel that I’m new to the department. Why? It’s because of the unpredictable tasks and assignments given to us. You see, we do what the Presidents wants.  In effect, we don’t experience routine tasks. Life as a Planning Officer meant waiting and bracing myself of the unexpected and later make or break the President’s respect.

A few weeks ago, one of my cousins was surprised to know that I still report for work during the summer vacation. Since we don’t have enrollees, she was asking what we do without the students. Turns out, she thought that I work for the Registrar’s Office. Worst is that I discovered that she thought that schools only have two offices, Registrar and Finance. Phew! And no, I didn’t explain and lecture the details of my real job. I simply told her that I directly report to the Office of the President. I don’t directly serve students so I still have work even without them. To which she said, ah secretary ka? (So you work as a secretary?) And I just gave up…

Please don’t hate me

Dear Readers,

I think I should examine myself first. Do I really own readership to make this letter. Otherwise, this should become a letter to myself. haha Anyway, in case I have concerned readers, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for wasting your time in my tiny space in the blogosphere. You just don’t know how each new follower, hits and comments can make me happy. My happiness even overflows whenever I see my blog linked to the reading list of other blogs. Saying that I’m happy is even an understatement. I can’t find the right words to describe that giddiest feeling.

I don’t know what made you subscribe to my blog. I would be glad to know but as of now, I’m happy to know that you are reading this. The real reason why I wrote this letter is to beg for your patience and understanding whenever I publish sponsored posts like this and this. Please allow me to explain myself.

When I started this blog, my ever selfish intention was to earn money. However, let me defend myself. When I started blogging, I never really ventured for the monetary returns. I joined the blogging community because I love to write and as I have said, I always prefer to express my sentiments in the vernacular of writing. However, I lost that interest in blogging for some time. I was occupied with my dream of finishing my masteral studies. This is actually one thing I regret. If only I pursued blogging, I have already achieved a deep archive of 7 years.

When I finally received my hard earned degree, destiny led me to where my heart truly belongs… in writing. I decided to blog again. However, the situation now was different because I was coupled with my dream to recover my expenses in studying. I wanted additional sources of income aside from my day job. When I discovered that blogging provides this opportunity, my desire to blog again intensified. I was all set to write again.

I found a number of convincing, inspiring and earning bloggers. I was made to believe that I can make it happen to myself. It was true but not in the soonest possible time. In case you have noticed, I started this blog in 2010. I was armed with my great dream of earning from doing something I love the most. Unfortunately, the opportunity to earn didn’t come easy. I applied for Payu2blog and never received any response from them. I tried other sites but none of them gave me a chance.

Despite the dwindling chance of monetizing my blog, I never gave up. I continued blogging and forgot my dream of earning. When I was already enjoying blogging, an opportunity to earn came. A proven organization gave me the chance I’ve been praying for. I applied for membership. I survived their screening process. I was sent with topics to write. I thought I was there. Well, just almost. I later learned that I have to compete with hundreds to thousands of bloggers for that one great paid writing task. It again took me sometime to understand the system and get my brakes. After a year of fighting tooth and nail, I started to win sponsored blog posts.

Please don’t hate me as I fulfill my long wished and hard earned dream. One thing I can always assure everyone is that this blog will never turn to a screaming marketing and advertising page. I love to earn from blogging. However, money will never defeat and overpower the existence of this blog.

I will continuously share more rants, complaints, frustrations and the rare blissful moments of my life.

Thank you for your understanding.


PS I already delete my sponsored posts after the company removed me from their list of qualified blogs.