Thank you 2016

A few  more hours before 2016 ends. I almost forgot, I haven’t updated this blog for December. Same as with the previous months. This was my least active year in this blog. I would only force myself to write before every month ends. Not that I have disliked blogging. I’m still in love with writing. It’s just that maybe, I got tired of writing lonely thoughts. I felt that I would be writing the same issues again. But then, a friend said blogging enables us to know ourselves better. True. Looking back at the previous posts, I learned my previous struggles and how I was able to overcome each. More importantly, I learned how shallow were my problems before. Haha

2016 was bitter sweet. But as compared to 2015, it was way better. I shed a lot of tears in 2015. In 2016, there were still crying moments but I guess, it was lesser. In 2015, I was an active jobseeker. Towards the end of 2015, I  got tired. I placed everything on hold in 2016. In my mind, maybe I’m just impulsive and pressured by all the negative sentiments. So I tried to figure out everything in 2016. There were no job interviews and applications. As 2017 comes, I have to decide. But saying this, I think I’m just pressuring myself. As of typing this, I still feel undecided.

As for my financial management, this is where I need to improve. I was financially struggling in 2016. I hope to be a better financial manager to myself this year.

I always say that I only have a few friends left. I was forced to burn bridges with a few many years ago. This year, I lost friends in my Facebook account. Hahahaha Yes, there were people who unfriended me. There were people I thought who were trustworthy. There were relationships that deteriorated. I became a witness to dirty workplace politics. At the end of the day, I was glad that I still have a few friends to keep me company. I still have friends who were always willing to listen. I have friends who understood my struggles. Same goes with my family. I will always be grateful for my parents who supported me in all my endeavors. Special mention to my parents, they are the wind beneath my wings. I cannot imagine surviving everything without them. I was also blessed with cousins, who know nothing about my struggles, but never fails to make me the happiest. My cousins from my maternal side, those who I rarely see, are equally the best. When my special brother got sick in the middle of the year, I received unexpected financial assistance from them. I will forever be grateful.

There were unexpected trips this year, one local and the other was abroad. I went back to Hong Kong again and explored the wonderful city of Ilocos. Travel is expensive but with proper financial management, I can accommodate at least one every year. My dream is to visit one new place every year. I hope this will continue in 2017, even in the most unexpected way.

How could I forget all the freelance works. More than the additional earnings, the freelance works saved me and my sanity. I fell fulfilled every time I’m able to help a client. More so, when they are able to achieve their degree.

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting a surprise birthday cake. This even became a part of the bio / description of my IG account. Days before my birthday, I edited my bio which alarmed my friends. Turns out, they were planning something. It was the best birthday after so many years.

To start new ventures, to tick off items in my bucket list, to manage my financial status, I have a lot in my list for 2017. But if I were to simplify everything, I just want the strength and courage to overcome everything. And for anyone reading this post,  I wish you the same. 🙂 Here’s to a better and happier 2017 for all of us!!!