Answer: Searching for the Right Binding Machine

I got an answer to my previous post “Searching the Right Binding Machine.” By making this article, I hope I will be able to help other people, who are also interested in acquiring a binding machine.

Just this lunch break, I went to Binondo with my ever-reliable friend, Wella. We visited Accupoint Systems. We failed to visit this shop the last time we went to Binondo because it was already closed.

The week before, I visited National Bookstore (Araneta Center Branch) to check out their binding machines. As it turns out, they have more models and choices. However, the specific model I wanted was not available. The sales personnel asked to leave my number which I really appreciate. I was hoping however that they would contact me as soon as my preferred unit would be available. I ended up examining the remaining models sold at National Bookstore. I later realized that they are similar to what is being posted at Accupoint Systems’ website. I then concluded that Accupoint Systems could be supplier of binding machines for National Bookstore.  If that is the case, then there is really a need for me to visit Accupoint Systems.

Prior to visiting Accupoint Systems in Binondo, I tried sending them an email. I posted all my queries through email.  Their contact details are posted on this link,

Days passed and I never received any response.  I would like to emphasize this point among suppliers and other business owners. Having a website and email for your business is a must today. It’s no longer an advantage, but a requirement. However, if business owners would not utilize their online resources, then what’s the point of having them?  If customer emails are answered, companies could be saved from receiving inquiry thru phone, their staff could devote their time to other urgent tasks, and this is also a way for them to obtain clients from other countries. For the part of the customers, they could save time and they will already  be directed to the right shop.  

Getting back to the real topic, we managed to reach Accupoint’s shop. Accupoint is located in Quintin Paredes Street fronting Jollibee (Binondo). I finally had a glimpse of the binding machine that I need. I was hoping to acquire Comix B2980. This model is the cheapest for the double wire binding system. It could feed a maximum of 15 sheets, 80 gsm paper, at a time.  The price? Its Php 7,200!!!! But as compared to the Php 13,850 from Office Man, this seems to be a good choice.  The store personnel further informed me that true enough, they supply to SM Department Stores and National Bookstore. The cost of this machine at National Bookstore is Php 8,228. There’s a Php 1,200 difference, which for me is already a significant amount of money.

I received another surprise from the shop, the binding machine would not work without the double loop wires of course. When I asked the store personnel of the cost of their double loop wires, I was shocked!  They are selling double loop wires in wholesale and it costs Php 7,000!!! So for a start, I have to incurr Php 14,000!!!! But I remember, Office Man is selling double loop wires in retail. I was given a price list on my last visit. This then reminds me, where did I place that price list?

Some lessons I learned in my search of the right binding machine

1. Shop hopping, canvassing is really important for any business. Don’t just settle for stores that are near or convenient to you. Exhaust all means to compare prices and product features. It would cost you much anyway.

2. Having a website and email address for your company is not sufficient. Websites and email provide a two-way communication system. Business owners should really realize this.


2 thoughts on “Answer: Searching for the Right Binding Machine

    • Hi Trish! I can’t provide you an exact estimate because the double loop wires are not yet cut / partitioned. The size however of the wholesale double loop wires looked as big as your smallest sack of rice. The wires are still rolled and intertwined.

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