13 years

13 years ago today, it was a day of many firsts. It was my first day at my first job. Five months after graduation, 13 different companies of job interviews and examinations, the 14th company made everything happen for me. 13 years after, I’m still with the same company.

In the past few years and months, there seem to be a mass departure among colleagues. I work for a school and although I teach, my base appointment is support staff. I belong to the group who handles the business and other backroom operations. Unlike faculty members, the segment of support staff seem to have a closer knit. Everybody knows everybody. When someone tenders resignation, news easily spreads out. Everyone seems to be easily affected. The presence of Facebook and other social  media tools makes everything easier and faster, especially among us Filipinos who document everything on social media. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I’m affected. My previous post already explained everything.

To celebrate my “workversary,” I slept the entire day today. Hahaha There was an unexpected national holiday this week. How timely that it landed today.  I have so much plans today. Read books, freelance and become productive. But my sluggish self felt so tired. I allowed myself to rest and sleep. Unfortunately, I think I overdo it. Hahaha

I don’t know what’s in store for me on the next 13 years. I have been trying out my chances in different companies. I’ve been doing this since 2015 and nothing is going right for two years already. To my count, I’ve been to seven companies, which include the negative experiences with GSIS and Metrobank. One almost had me employed. But I refused the opportunity, I followed my instincts. I never felt at home with that company, which also happens to be a school.

If I will not be given the opportunity to look for a better employer, I wish to excel in other endeavors. I wish to write and publish a book. I wish for more writing endeavors. I dream of improving my photography skills. I want to pay off my debts. I want to meet new people. I wish that one person at the workplace who never fails to make me smile will notice and eventually …. I have a lot in my list.  I’m somehow getting tired of doing this, discovering, trying, hoping and failing again and again. In worst cases, I can’t even figure out if I failed or not. I have to decipher for myself what really happened.

In a world of uncertainties, there are always opportunities.

Meanwhile, I have to brush off all these sentiments. Let me start the day by finally giving my self that much needed work out… Hopefully, a better post when I get back.