Twitter hate?

“Experience is the best teacher. #Teacher’sDay”

On Teacher’s Day, someone posted this to his/her twitter account

Whatever! If you hated teachers in your entire life, then you should have not went to school for that much coveted diploma. You should have enrolled yourself to Home Schooling. On a positive note, the entire populace will be spared from all the filth in your mouth.

“We are in College not in High School. “

Would you consider acting like one first?

I love this institution. But I’m saddened by the blah blah blah it has implemented

I can feel the love in this shameless and highly publicized sentiment that extends to your Facebook account. Thank you for spreading the great news to the universe.

I miss you

I don’t feel it and I don’t miss you. Ktnxbye.

I look so fat and ugly” <with a collage of face photo attached>

You wouldn’t upload that in the first place if you feel like a sh%t in that picture.

Before February ends

Over a year ago, I wrote this post. I almost wanted to write the same post. Same topic, same person, same experience, same old and undying sentiments….

Then I saw him again. I don’t know if he saw me too. One thing is for sure, my heart still accommodates a room for him. Part of me was hoping and praying to unlock a past story.  Silently, I know that no matter how hard I deny him, my heart still reserves a space for him.

List 10

I started another lousy week. I’ve been battling a lot of personal issues over the past months to years. Punctuality, drive to work, bills to pay, long pending loan application, worries about aging, self-esteem, insecurity, growing old alone; some of them may just be self-imposed issues, which cause me those unnecessary stress.

In the middle of the week, I was about to declare that I’m again totally pissed off. All I wanted was another weekend to just sleep everything off. However, the heaven was kind enough to uplift my ever drowning spirits. Instead of making a bucket list of all the negativities, let me enumerate the and highlight the good ones


One of my freelance clients thanked me for a successfully accomplishing my mission. I seldom receive some pat from the back these days. This means a lot to me!


Most of my research writing student advisees passed their defense. Technically, all of them passed their defense. However, some groups received a grade that equated to major revision. In like manner that two of them garnered excellent ratings. Hooray! At least I know that I’m not a stupid and useless mentor. I can make things happen for other people.


While I still have freelance clients who left me in the tree of uncertainty, a new client generously rendered his partial professional fee. What’s best about his fee? He gave me some real US dollars! I can use it for my upcoming trip… which I hope would push through despite the humps and bumps I’m experiencing now.


Bulk of teaching load is getting lighter… much to my relief! The semester is about to end so that means having two months of teaching vacay. On the negative end though, that would mean lesser earnings. Sigh


I have another freelance work. Unfortunately, I’m hoping that client will exhibit a little more respect and professionalism 🙂


I’m done with my annual physical health examination. I’m praying all results will tell that I’m still healthy.


Boss is giving me a new project… Hopefully it will be a successful attempt on my part


I was finally able to write about mutual funds. Check my previous post.


My weekend backache is gone. Thank you Lord!


Reached home early to type this post

I guess this finishes my best 10 in the middle of the week. Praying and hoping that there would be more to come until the next days 🙂

Mutual Funds : What I know that you might need to know

Mutual funds are my newest source of happiness! I wanted to share the happiness to everyone so this explains this post. Allow me to relate my short but long written journey about Mutual Funds. 

This is not a sponsored post by the way.

I started investing in Mutual Funds last year and as of date, I’m amazed on the achievement of my little and hard worked money. I’d like to share this chance to earn to my local blog friends. As much as I want to speak for my foreign blog friends, I’m not sure with the differences in the governing laws across countries. However, I’m sure that every country, especially in the US, offer more and mutual fund investment opportunities. Nevertheless, I hope this post will give you an idea of how this promising investment opportunity works.

What are Mutual Funds in the first place?

I admit that I’m not a financial expert. I’m an ordinary investor. So my definition and understanding of Mutual Funds is good as what I absorbed from my constant internet research and the lectures of my Financial Advisor.

The easiest way to define Mutual Funds, go to Wikipedia. LOL Seriously, in my level of understanding, this is how I define Mutual Funds. Using the word “mutual,” these are joint funds between an investor and the investment company. Since these are joint funds, both parties become beneficiaries of the funds’ earnings.

So how does the earning system works? The investment company offers mutual fund opportunities to investors. The interested investor enrolls his money as mutual fund investment. In return, the company treats the investment as an asset to manage and improve. The company may invest in the stock market and other means of earning. The system may look easy but in reality, the execution entails more processes and decision making. What complicates the situation is the way the company manages its investment. A wise and secured investment company doesn’t simply purchase stocks to another company. They have a pool of Financial and Risk Managers. They rigorously monitor the economy’s outlook and analyze to which companies they will purchase stocks.  As my Financial Advisor mentioned, the role of these managers is to maximize our earnings and reduce the risks of loses.

At this point, I would like to believe that you see Mutual Funds as a deep well that emits earnings from every piece of money thrown to it. If the economy is at its good times, this will work to everyone’s favor. However, we all know that every economy contains a cycle of peaks and troughs. In times of trough, both the investor and the investment company will suffer. There could be zero earnings for both parties. But before that happens, we should remember that every investment company has Risk Managers whose job is to anticipate and lessen the degree of loses. Investment companies wouldn’t want to experience loses as well. Your investment’s loss is the company’s loss. You see, that’s why it’s called mutual funds.

Since I’ve been mentioning risks and loses, it’s important for every Filipino investor to remember that mutual fund investors are not protected by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC). Unfortunately, this is the risk that every investor should pray for. When the investment company declares bankruptcy, the chance of retrieving your invested money is quite impossible. Some of you might be disheartened by this fact. But as I have said, every investment entails a level of risk. In order to avoid this misfortune, choose a reputable, trusted and stable investment company.

Now that I have laid down the definition of mutual funds, let me discuss the requirements and amount you need to raise.

As of date, I have only invested in one company, Sun Life Asset Management Corporation (SLAMC). So the succeeding information I will be relaying will be good for this company. Although after some internet research and inquiries, I could say that there are relatively few differences in the requirements and application system among other companies.

For the application requirements, you need to prepare valid government IDs, a 1×1 picture, money for the initial investment and an agent or a Financial Advisor. You cannot directly apply for investment in the company. More often than not, the company will refer you to their Financial Advisors. In my case, my Financial Advisor was a former employee of Sun Life Philippines.  

The Financial Advisor’s job is to fully explain the benefits you can gain from investing in mutual funds. He should know better and he should explain it to your ability. The role of the Financial Advisor is to orient you on both the positive and negative sides of the mutual funds, please remember that. Your Financial Advisor should educate you, than offer you with other products and services.

Mutual fund investment features and offerings may vary across companies. In my case with Sun Life, I was presented with three types of mutual investments. This includes the Low Risk, High Risk and Balanced.

 You can choose where to place your mutual fund investment. In my case, I played it safe. I availed of the Balanced Investment. Though during my last meet up with my Financial Advisor, I decided to diversify and place my additional investment to the high risk group.

Now that I’m getting specific with the requirements, I will answer the question that is bugging everyone. How much is the minimum requirement for investment? In my case with Sun Life, it’s Php 5,000 (around $ 128).

Did the figure surprise you? For as low as Php 5,000, you can become a Mutual Fund Investor! Perhaps, you can set aside some money for shopping, midyear bonus or save up for some months for this amount.

Now that you are oriented on the requirements, allow me to answer the most awaited question. How much can you earn from investing in mutual funds?

When I started working, local banks offer an annual interest rate of 1% to savings account. Years after joining the workforce, I was disheartened by the annual interest rate of most banks. Who will be happy with 0.375% to 0.5% interest rate? With mutual funds investment, the earning interest rates are fluctuating depending on the performance of the economy. The rates are way higher than 1%. In like manner that the earning rates are not too-good-to-be-true. Pyramid scamming and those fly by night investment houses? Mutual funds are way different than these fiascos because as I have said, the entire system is supported by a core of Risk Managers, Researchers and a reputable company to begin with.