Still Alive

Part of me wanted to maintain this blog. But my actions speak otherwise. I only log in to this account when the month is about to end. Just to ensure that I make at least one post every month. Suffice to say, it’s what keeps this blog alive.

From the way I sound, I act as if there’s some pressure I have to deal with. Like I need to post at least once a month or else, something will be at stake. Haha It’s a matter of personal pressure. I attribute everything to my blogging mojo over the past years. I used to be active here. I have one post every weekend. Or whenever something significant happens to my life, positive or negative, there’s surely a post to document everything. But over the past two years, I’m just here to keep things alive. To justify the domain name, which I already gave up by the way.

I miss writing about my sentiments. One of those days when I felt right but I chose to remain silent. Arguments and debates are never my thing. While part of me admits that I’m a confrontational person, I learned over time that some battles are never worth it. I used to be a silent person. I prefer to bear all the inconveniences. Over time, I learned that my timid personality will not bring me anywhere. So I learned to speak up and address my issues. I express my sentiments. I became brutally honest, which brought me another learning. Some people are not ready for the truth. To make a little discrete, some people can’t handle honesty. They prefer to keep silent and pretend that everything is perfect. So there, I have to relearn my soft spoken and quiet personality years ago. As it appears to me, my life evolves on cycles.

Other than my foolish and shallow sentiments, here are the other things that bothers or keep me alive 😉 lately

  1. The road to financial freedom … and it remains as a struggle. There are still debts.. growing debts to pay.. Part of me dreams of winning the lottery (who doesn’t) if such happens, then all my financial burdens will go away. Even if I only receive  even half a million pesos, everything will be well 😛 But I knew, this will never the right approach to learn and grow up.
  2. Weight gain problems … and I’m still expanding .. standing at 150 lbs, this is my heaviest in my entire years of existence. I started to engage in some physical activities and so far, my weight remains static. Although I’ve noticed improvements on my arms. The skin has become firmer. I’m starting to bid goodbye to my flabby arms.
  3. Still confused about my plans of moving to another job ….
  4. Starting to rethink about my career path… They say that you can find your true calling in life by recalling the things you love to do…..  back when you don’t have to worry about paying bills and all the grown up stuff. You might be surprised, I wasn’t into writing. I was into drawing, arts and craft making. Many years ago, everyone in the family is expecting me to pursue Fine Arts. Things changed, I ended with a quantitative degree in college. This was given the fact that I failed my Algebra subjects in two quarters back, in high school freshmen… I’m starting to think, I’m a person who lives in cycles of transformation ;P One day, I’m like this. The next day, I’m another person. In the end, I’m back to my old self.

I think I have written more than enough … for a month long absence. hahaha I need to get back to work. I have a long day ahead 🙂

Wishing everyone a great day ahead!