Admiration and Wishes for Japan

Whenever a country is hit by a natural disaster, expect tons of photographs of grief, devastations and misery. I am not new to tragedies and natural disasters. My country has its own share of crises brought about by both man and nature. I have personally experienced some of them. My recent experience was when typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) hit our country. It was the first time our community was flooded and I have witnessed how many lives, properties and dreams were wrecked with just one typhoon.

My experience with typhoon Ondoy can never be equated to the tsunami and earthquakes experienced by Japan. Aside from the destructions in their properties and infrastructures, Japan is also threatened by the harmful emissions of their Nuclear plants. I pray that God will take care of this problem. I pray that all the children and their families will be spared from this threat.

Among the many photographs captured from Japan, these pictures from Time Magazine will forever change the way I see Japan.

All of the pictures were taken from this site:,29307,2063585,00.html

Never in my entire life I have seen evacuation centers this organized and clean. Only Japan was able to convince me that orderliness can still be practiced even in the worst times of our lives. Now I understand why they have become a fully industrialized country.  Discipline is naturally embedded to everyone.


Despite their pitiful situation, the Japanese still value and appreciate simple things and comforts in life.

I believe that children should be spared from all the depressions and harshness of life.  All children should be given the chance to study, play and discover their hidden talents and interests.  They should be conditioned to  believe that they can always make things happen. They should grow up experiencing the wonders of dreaming and learning the ropes to achieve them.  I pray that God will take care of all the Japanese children.

And this picture just made my heart melt…

 According to Time Magazine, this little boy was celebrating his 3rd birthday in an evacuation center at Kesennuma, Miyagi Japan last March 27.  Years from now, I pray that he will have a better birthday. I hope he will never be deprived of experiencing the happiness and wonders of being a child.

I pray that all the children from Japan will still learn to dream and someday experience the power of making them come true…