Counting and Praying

I’m counting the days… Whew! I can’t disclose the full details of that one great endeavor I have to fulfill. For now, I need a lot of prayers and confidence. I hope I can make it…successfully. I will be back in blogging by December. By that time, I hope I will be home, happy and looking forward for Christmas. I never expected this but as they say, God works in the most mysterious ways. I hope I can prove myself worthy of this opportunity.

A birthday dream

In a month, I will be turning YOUNGER again. LOL, a huge ouch for me.

I have spent my past birthdays at work ever since I became a corporate slave. This is contrary to what most of my friends usually do. My friends take a leave from work and pamper themselves for a day with their beloved ones. I’ve been fortunate to work with supervisors, who were not selfish in allowing their staff to take time off from work.  I also belong to a department that does not require a 24/7 operation so filing for a leave does not entail a month of permission and approval.

I know a lot of people might slap me for not taking advantage of the easy opportunity to temporarily escape work. Others have to pray and keep their fingers crossed for an approved day of leave. While others are begging for the opportunity, here I am throwing the privilege. Well, let’s admit it. Sometimes life has to be designed that way. We don’t really get the things we wanted. And though I am blessed with this opportunity, I for sure is least compensated in other aspects. A blooming lovelife and a promising career, if you both have them then treat me as your greatest envious enemy. LOL

My previous birthdays were happily monotonous. I get up early to report for work. Wear my new birthday clothes, treat my few colleagues  for merienda and have dinner with my few trusted friends at the workplace. Before I sleep, I check my email, Facebook and inbox and thank those people who took time to greet me. Though I don’t really enjoy too much attention, it’s good to once in a while know that people still remember me.

Over the past days, I found myself contemplating on how could I make my succeeding birthdays more meaningful and memorable. While I always look forward and enjoy the company of my few trusted friends, I had this idea of breaking this old but cherished birthday celebration.

On my next birthdays, I suddenly wanted a vacation leave. I wanted an escape from the city. My dream is to spend a day in a quiet and peaceful place. I wanted to be close to nature. I want to experience a breathtaking view of the mountain with a body of water surrounding it. I wanted to sleep in a small and comfortable cottage that provides me a view of every beautiful element of the nature.

I wanted to spent the eve of my birthday to this beautiful place. I will wake up watching the sun rise and feeling the refreshing morning breeze. Have a sumptuous healthy breakfast in a terrace that provides a fantastic view of the water. I will take a walk along the shore and later cocoon to a relaxing log cabin. I will be served with a seafood lunch with fresh fruits for dessert. I will waste my entire afternoon reading books and enjoying the view of the nature. In the evening, I’ll have dinner by the lake and perhaps treat myself to a relaxing spa.

The closest place I can identify my dream birthday would be in Tagaytay, particularly at Tagaytay Highlands (which remains as a dream), Club Balai Isabel or any place near the Taal Lake.

Yes I know there are more beautiful places in the Philippines other than Tagaytay, but for some reason I just fell in love with this place. A relaxing vacation to Tagaytay on my day, either by myself or with some special people in my life would really be a great birthday treat.

While some of my friends spend birthdays drinking and partying the night away, my preference is an extreme diversion. All I wanted for my birthday is silence, rest and nature. Is my behavior normal? Or perhaps, my preferences seem to change because of the simple reason that I am gradually and painfully entering old age?