The school where I am working is an active member of this local collegiate league. This is something I never experienced back in college. I graduated from a university that is not known for sports or anything related to athletics. I became an avid supporter of the school’s basketball team maybe because I was deprived of this opportunity when I was way younger. Haha

Despite being an employee and a teacher to some of these athletes, I never had the chance to score free tickets. Yes, I swear to God and the heavens. I paid for all the basketball matches I’ve watched. I’m quite averse on begging for free tickets.  To begin with, I never had the connections and influence to secure these freebies. I may sound like a sore loser but I feel quite proud and thankful of my pathetic fate.  I don’t need to return any favour to anyone. I also believe that real supporters can be counted among those who willingly took time and shed some money for that ticket of support.

In all the games I watched, I can count the number of times we paid for the most coveted patron or VIP seat. If I’m not mistaken, we only purchased the most expensive ticket twice. We usually avail the lower to upper box tickets because of budget constraints and the fact that these expensive seats instantaneously become sold out. Despite the hefty price, there are people who are willing to pay. For the longest time, I thought that this was the rule of the business or make that, rule of the other game.

On the last game we watched, ticket sales were evidently low. The seats in the lower box area are screaming empty. It was a lousy game to our benefit. The opposing team was trailing more than 20 pts. As a result, my eyes and attention went out of the game. This made me notice the fully occupied patron section. How come? Stupid and too late for me to discover that the people seated in that most coveted area are VIPs.

I was more intrigued to discover that in the case of basketball games, VIPs are not the officials and sponsors of the league. VIPs are defined as wives, illegal wives, official girlfriends, secret girlfriends, happy and gay supporters of the players and the coaching staff everyone is routing for. In the end, my eyes were treated to a feast of intrigues, gossips and all those open secrets I never knew.

While I listen to my companion’s story, I was able to form my list of observations.

1. Most are females and members of the happy and gay. I can count MEN seated in the area.

2. The females wear the shortest shorts, tiniest skirts, skimpiest tops … only to keep them pulling and fixing their outfits from time to time. Are you showing skin or not? I don’t know if they realise that they are in a fully air conditioned venue that also houses health related viruses.

3. Most of the females have the fairest skin worthy of a Ponds’ commercial. So this concludes that even though I can afford the ticket, I should prepare myself for possible denial of entry.

4.  The females are displaying either humongous Samsung phones or the latest selfish model of an iPhone. I own a Samsung but not in the likes of the  Note and S series. Again, I’m denied of entrance.

5. They have really expensive bags. I can see a parade of Prada and LV. So again, this can deny me of entry in the VIP section.

In the end I conclude that even though I have the money that can afford the ticket, I have to pass the listed rigorous requirements.

But more than passing the listed qualifications, I have to first acquire the status of this game’s VIP.


Days after publishing this post, I encountered this tweet from one of the league’s officials


Oh well, season pass should have been the title of this post. My mistake of calling them VIPs. It should have been SEASON PASS HOLDERS


New Journey Series : Life will get better

The year is about to end and I haven’t produce any update for this self-imposed blogging series. I’m on a week long vacation. There are still two working days left for next week. I’m expected to report but I’m feeling quite lazy and my wallet is already screaming empty. Then I remember that I have a very kind boss and a bucket of unused vacation leave credits. Obviously, the best thing to do is to rip off the leave credits before it becomes forfeited and take advantage of the kindest boss who is already on vacation. Haha

Going back to the main reason why I wrote this post, I need to document and update myself on my current struggle. Settling the pile of credit card bills and rebuilding my savings account.

After availing of the balance transfer program, I have been religiously paying my pending bills through installment. I was starting good late last year until early this year. Unfortunately, my low EQ attacked me again. I broke my promise of no longer using the evil rectangular plastic device. I gave in to the temptation of becoming Rebecca Bloomwood again. I used the cards for some personal shopping and accumulated a small pile of unpaid purchases. To my defense, the unpaid balances are still manageable. My upcoming 13th month pay can still cover up. (I hope so) Added to this the “hate” purchase I made in the middle of the year. I got pissed off with my less than a year old Sony Xperia. I sold the phone to my friend M and purchase a more expensive Samsung phone using again the evil device. I availed of the card’s installment and deferred program. So as of date, I’m not paying the phone until next year.

I guess another reason that gave me the courage to change my phone is the pending freelance client. I’m about to collect a professional fee that can pay almost half of the phone’s price. Hopefully, client will pay me before next year. I pray that client is not another swindler.. like my colleague and relative who committed professional estafa against me. Bless them Dear God! Share to them the experience of being in my pathetic shoes.

Before the year ends, I’m about to turn 30 and this adds up to the pressure of finally fixing my life. Whenever I check my Facebook account, I always feel a jumble of emotions from being happy, envious and pathetic. I feel a sense of happiness whenever I see great news from my friends sharing their success stories. More often than not what I see are photo uploads of engagement rings, wedding rites, pregnancy confirmation, trips abroad, promotion, and all those milestones of happiness. When I look at myself, the dominant image I see are frustrations, dwindling self-esteem, weight gain problems, financial concerns and all those negativities. Sure enough, I will not be able to celebrate my 30th debt free and worry free. I have to literally and figuratively pay for everything. In my last count, I will be able to settle everything when I reach the age of 33. Whew!

But I’m holding on, I’m not giving up. I will work hard and look forward on the day when I can finally close this series. Life will get better!

Weekly Photo Challenge : Horizon


The infinite clear blue sky, endless sea, and the unending mountain ranges are the best ways to depict a horizon.

The photo was taken in Coron Palawan, one of the 7,107 islands that comprise the Philippines. I went here last summer with a few colleagues. I fell in love with nature again. If I will tour a non-Filipino friend in my country, Palawan will definitely be on the list.

Moving on

A few days ago, I was attacked by my unexplained sadness brought about by my self-diagnosed quarter life crisis. At that point, all I wanted was solitary confinement. I wanted to leave work, imprison myself in my room and weep for as long as I can.

I was tempted to skip work the next morning. I tried my best to fight the temptation. With a heavy heart, I dragged myself to wake up and report for work. True enough, my little form of bravery paid off. Yesterday was way better! I was able to accomplish an unexpected task. It was one of those instances when my much needed self-esteem was given a drop of boost.

Before I went home, a friend went home with me. We dropped by the grocery and treated me for dinner.

Thank you for a better day. I’m all tired but everything was so worth it. I’ve survived another attack of quarter life crisis again.


This is just one of those days I want to end and forget. I’m stuck in the middle of a typical working day. No annoying colleagues, no encounters with superiors blessed with superiority complex… everything is actually fine. This is just another day when the problem arises from my self-imposed insecurity and quarter life crisis that is.

Sigh… the immature person in me wants to confine myself at home, weep, sleep and wake up in the hope of a better day.


Weekly Photo Challenge : The Hue of You


Silent and subtly colorful

This is how I describe my life or my current mood that is. I live a typical and ordinary life. I wake up early to catch work. After work, I dabble as a part time college instructor. If I’m lucky, I’m able to squeeze in some freelance work. On Fridays, I’m hoping that some friends would invite me to a mall or dinner date. On weekends, I do my own chores. If there’s spare money from payday, I treat the family over a great meal or purchase a new pair of bag, shoes or clothes.

In the middle of everything, I meet new people. I discover places. Experiences teach me a thing or two about life and sometimes, I write about it here.

As it appears, my life follows a plain and boring routine but along the way, I have my own share of surprises that adds those silent and subtle colors.

Another unwritten realization at the workplace

The workplace and its concealed real life characters have been the consistent subject of my posts. While most of the stories I shared related imperfections and negative experiences, please don’t develop the impression that I hate my second home. I love our institution and its accompanying weaknesses.

For this post, YES I will blog another experience and realization that sprouted at the workplace.

After having been the only subordinate in the office, my Boss welcomed a new addition to our two-man team. We can finally call our office as a team.

The newest recruit is not after all new at the workplace. He was employed years ahead of me. He used to report to another department. Similar to my story, he was transferred to our office, with a new job title and assignment. Truth to be told, I PREFER ANOTHER PERSON. If I sound too harsh and blatant, let me rephrase. I DON’T TRUST HIM ENOUGH. Different but everything boils down to the idea that if given the chance to choose a colleague, he’s not included in my selfish list.

I have my own set of objective and subjective reasons why I don’t like him. Much of it arose from the undesirable encounters. The most prevalent was when he requested me to generate the statistical tables for his masteral thesis. For those who know me, this is what I actually do for freelance. I use my advanced knowledge in Statistics to assist masteral to doctoral students in finishing their thesis or dissertation. I generate statistical tables, provide interpretations and thread everything to a one great report for a minimal professional fee. Let us just say that he was one of those people who took advantage of my kindness and underestimated my professional services. He asked me to generate his paper’s statistical tables and demanded as if HE WAS A PAYING CLIENT. To be honest, he was actually more demanding than my paying clients. He was one of those people who made me feel that my services don’t deserve any compensation. I also realized that he was one of best people who has the tendency to use friendship as a pathway for personal advantage. Oh well, I just have to mention and emphasize that HE WAS NEVER COUNTED AS A FRIEND.

His reputation was already tainted. I’m already subjective but I gave him a fair chance. We started working and soon enough, I discovered his immature and annoyingly flawed ideals.

When another conceited colleague left our office, he told me that he is straight forward and hates to play pretend with colleagues he doesn’t like. In colloquial parlance, he claims that he is not plastic. He avoids conversations and interactions with people who failed to earn his respect. He cannot pretend to be good with people he deems as bad.

I respect his principle even though I don’t adhere with it. I didn’t bother to express my contradiction. As most of you know, I hate arguments. If that’s how you see things, fine. I will not stress myself from engaging to an unnecessary debate. In my mind and heart however, I wanted to share my own set of unwritten realizations and personal wisdom I gained from the workplace.

He is years older than me but at that point, I was able to prove that maturity does not come with age. Wait, did I mention that he teaches this subject termed as Human Behavior in Organization? Oh well, what about practicing what you preach?

Back when I was just starting to work, I imbibed the same principle. I don’t like you and you have to settle to my selfish and immature conviction. I will ignore your existence. I vow to never make any single conversation with people I hate or I don’t like. No good mornings, Christmas greetings or even the simplest hi and hello.

I remember sharing this principle with an older friend who treated me like a little sister. Ate B told me that I shouldn’t treat undesirable colleagues that way. She encouraged me to wear the shoes of the good and patient person. I never listened and held on to my selfish conviction. Ate B’ told me that whether I like them or not, there’s a high chance that we will need to collaborate and work together. If I continue to impose my hardheaded conviction, I will end up stressing and punishing myself.

Years after, I realized my immaturity and followed Ate B’s advice. Along the way, I discovered, learned and experienced the most important yet unwritten principle in any workplace.

Be Civil!

This is what I wanted to tell new/older colleague. Back off your hard and selfish convictions. The righteous colleague prefers to be good, patient and civil.

At some point, I believe that colleague will tell me that being civil is the professionally disguised term for being plastic. Both may appear as pretending that everything is fine. I beg to disagree then. There’s still an evident line that separates being civil as against being plastic.

Being civil means choosing to become the professional and educated person. You chose to be in the shoes of a good person because this has been the universal rule carried out by the educated human beings. As a good person, you allowed your heart to prevail than the often selfish conviction of the mind. You love and value your company. To prove and practice this, you decided to become good to everyone. In the future, when the company requires you to collaborate with people you don’t like, you will forget your personal convictions in exchange for the success and gain of the company.

Being plastic is much different from being civil. Plasticity means wearing a fake mask of a good person. After the encounter, the plastic colleague will wear the hat of an evil backstabber. He will spread fake or exaggerated stories of complaints against the hated colleague. Giving gifts, rendering fake praises and all those artificial sugar coatings make the plastic person.

Being plastic is forcing yourself to be good. Being civil is planted by the mature mind and the heart that understands the welfare of the organization. Being plastic means pretending to be good while being civil is choosing to be good.

So there dearest colleague .. It’s hard to be civil but at the end of the day, you have to remember that we are in the same boat. We should row to one direction and throw away those excess baggage of selfish convictions to accelerate and reach that destination.