From rejection to redemption

Perhaps I expected too much…

After a rejuvenating long weekend, I felt the optimism and energy to start the week. I was late for class yet I felt accomplished because I was able to discuss the topics within my expected coverage.

I was home alone in the office. The boss was not around and I was checking the paperworks left on my table. After identifying the tasks, I checked my email and in just a snap…. the positive outlook faded away

That f word! FAILURE in the form of rejection…

The dream is over.

In my desire to find upliftment in this sad and drowning stage of my life, I found this

Dear God,

Uncertainty is one of the greatest challenges that life offers. However, I always hold on to the belief that every uncertainty also hosts endless possibilities.

My high expectations perhaps led me to feel rejection. As always, I do not know where this dark road would lead me. I hope this rejection only serves as an entry point to the door of redemption. Please give me another chance, another opportunity or at least, another try…

Three Random Stories

I called Office 1 to retrieve a document that needs to be signed by the Office Head. Staff 1 told me that Office Head is attending a meeting somewhere out there, outside the vicinity of the workplace. I went out of my workstation to take my afternoon break and  the first person I saw was Office Head. 😀

Yesterday, I went to Power Mac Service Center to have my iPad checked. All my downloaded applications stopped working after syncing it to my netbook. Staff 1 told me that the only remedy for such problem is to re-sync and update my iTunes and iPad. I asked him what are the possible causes of such problem. He gave the most scientific explanation…. resync and update. Fine 🙂 After crossing the MRT and the LRT, rushing from Gateway Mall to the Araneta Center MRT Station, I will only receive two words. 

A week ago, I discussed to my students the right way to determine the sample size of a survey, in cases WHEN THE POPULATION is UNKNOWN. I referred them to a site that automatically does the computing. The night after the discussion, my student asked me, Ma’am what shall we do if WE DON’T KNOW THE SIZE OF THE POPULATION? Just when I said, can everyone follow the discussion.. Everybody said…YEEEES!

Friday the 13th … fear no more

I don’t really buy the idea of  this superstitious belief. I don’t even knew the origin and history of this cursed combination. Yes, I know Google is just another internet tab away. But you see, I don’t have intentions of burrying myself with answers and explanations.

I grew up with people telling me that this is a bad omen. As a kid, I initially believed it. It took me years of growing up, schooling and being exposed to people of different races to finally unbelieve this negative school of thought. But come to think of it, it took me years to get over this thought. Why? Because the people around conditioned me to believe in it… Mental Conditioning was the culprit and in my case, it also served as my antidote.

The school of personal experiences led me to break free from Friday the 13th and all those pointless beliefs.  I may sound so cliché and cheesy but I learned to appreciate and adhere to the power of positive thinking. Knowing your goals, a positive outlook, the belief that you can make it (sometimes comes with tons of nervousness and doubt) , armed with hardwork, perseverance and a little inspiration.. then destiny and the heavens have no reason to fail you.

A positive equation never yields a negative answer……(unless you decided to infuse a higher negative value)…and I guess the same applies with our lives

So instead of worrying and freaking out whenever Friday the 13th comes, why not try this

Forget about the omen, spread the positivity 🙂

Dear Old School Adviser

For some who have been religiously reading my posts, you are more or less familiar with my free lance work. Aside from my office and teaching job, I do research consultations for thesis writing students. My clients are usually masteral students who are experiencing difficulties in writing their thesis.

Setting aside the additional earnings, I always look forward in accepting this kind of job. I am able to meet people from different industries, I am able to learn something new from their work and more importantly, I am given the chance to write.

This job however never came as a walk in the park for me. There’s always a unique problem that emerges from every new client I encounter.  So the idea of learning something from past experiences does not really apply in this job. Surely, there are new forms of problems that emerge and mutate.

My current client is another unique case. Client has been doing his part. He is diligent and more than dedicated in finishing his paper. The problem arises from his Thesis Adviser. Call me self-centered and selfish, but I think adviser has been causing us problems.

In my own assessment, the Adviser has not been thoroughly reading the paper of my Client. In their previous meeting, the adviser has made minor comments and changes on the paper.  I always respect the adviser so we revised the paper based on Adviser’s comments. Client resubmitted the revised paper and to my surprise, Adviser made comments that are contradictory to his previous comments. Phew! An adviser who changes his mind every meeting and consultation. In case any of my readers are writing their thesis and are about to choose an adviser, please consider this trait. Be sure that you have an adviser who doesn’t change his mind as often as the weather.

Yes, I don’t have the right to complain because I am paid and I am not the student who carries the pressure of completing the paper. I pity my Client and his efforts. He has been so cooperative and hard working and yet an antagonist Adviser has been ruining his efforts.

Dear Old School Adviser,

If by any chance you are reading this post, please place yourself in the shoes of your hardworking Advisee. He has been doing everything to please you. We have been religiously following your instructions for revisions.  I am not asking for consideration. I am begging you to do your  job.  You are not suppose to play the antagonist role here. Please show your support and consistency.. please

Happy at Il Mercanti

One of my constant goals in life is to visit new places. At the very least, one new place for each year. 2011 has been very good to me in fulfilling this objective. I was able to see other places in my homeland and I was able to finally set foot to another country for the first time, ON MY OWN. If only my time and resources will permit, I am highly willing to venture and invest in traveling. I now realize the different value of experiences than shopping and malling. LOL The happiness in being able to reach new places is indeed priceless.

Before the much awaited Christmas break at work, I had this practice of inviting my small group of friends to see a new place or attraction in the city. Last year, I invited my colleagues turned friends, Abigail, Ate Weng and Terry to experience Banchetto in Ortigas. Banchetto is the pioneer in the trending food night market in Manila. After my trip to Taiwan, tons of teaching works were waiting for me so I forgot to organize an annual mini escapade for us. However, another friend was kind enough to invite me to try another food night market. A day after my birthday, we went to Il Mercanti.

Il Mercanti joins the bandwagon of the well loved food night market which was organized by a group of friends who are all food enthusiasts. It is located in the heart of Metrowalk in Pasig.  

Il Mercanti starts at 7 pm, earlier and better than other food night markets that make you wait until midnight.

The food selection at Il Mercanti may be not as extensive with that of other night markets such as Mercato and Banchetto. However, Il Mercanti compensates by providing more seats and wider dining area for the customers. Tables and seats are adequately provided. The dining atmopshere is also more relaxed and comfortable.

Some food exhibitors in Banchetto and Mercato are also found in Il Mercanti. Monster Burgers,  MedChef and Sweet Tums are among the few concessionaires I’ve found in other food night markets.

My personal favorite…..kill me now 😉

The only disadvantage I see in Il Mercanti is its location. Metrowalk is an area not favorable for commuters. The easiest mode of transportation is a cab or an FX taxi that routes to Ortigas Center. Although recently, I learned that the management  provides free shuttle services from the Raffles Corporate Center.

Il Mercanti targets mostly the group of young working professionals. However, since Il Mercanti is situated in a wider area, children can also enjoy the dining experience. It also operates as early as 7 pm so waiting long hours is not a problem.

I wasn’t by the way paid by Il Mercanti to write this post. My words here all resonate from my personal experience 😀

Have a great weekend to everyone. First weekend for 2012!