About the Author


I maybe penniless and powerless. But give me a pen and paper to write, I might turn out to give you a one great fright.

I am an ordinary rank and file employee who juggles as a part time educator, works more than eight hours day, sleeps late, wakes up late and ends up rushing the next day not to be late.

I am a typical college graduate who ended up battling the unwritten rules of the employment market and the workplace after four years of sleepless sacrifice.

One of the many Filipinos who takes the public transportation everyday and has a lot of stories of misadventures to tell.

A member of the female populace who enjoys shopping with her troop of ever loyal girlfriends, loves purses, clothes, and strictly flat shoes. Sorry, I just can’t wear heels.

I love to read but I don’t follow those famous books released as most awaited sagas.

I live in silence, but I am not deaf or mute. There’s a great deal of difference between being deaf, mute and quiet.

I am not deaf. I perhaps opted to divert my attention to more meaningful things. In case I can’t hear, I have my brain and senses to understand.

I am not mute. My mouth may not utter words but that doesn’t mean I can’t speak. As you can see, I can write. And it is through the vernacular of writing that I chose to speak.