An encounter with a rude scammer

When issues are starting to pile and mess up, some forces emerge to get me totally pissed off. Yes, this is another bad story at the workplace. 😀

I just received a call from a lady who introduced herself as PRECIOUS GONZALES. She informed me that I am entitled for a free stay at any Crown Regency Hotel in the Philippines. I can claim my certificates for free stay after answering a series of questions. Ah, as expected, disguised freebies in exchange for customer information. These are marketing strategies implemented by companies in order to establish a customer data bank. Later on these information can be used for Data Mining and Market Research.

If my personal information will be exclusively used for Market Research, it would be fine. However, we can’t underestimate the presence of identity theft. In effect, I am very reluctant in providing information from unexpected calls from companies I have never transact with.

I didn’t respond to the questions posted by Precious. I instead asked for the person who referred me to their company. Apparently, this Precious Gonzales cannot provide an answer. She said that it was impossible to track the names of the person who submitted my name. Sorry, but I don’t believe that alibi.

I doubted the real objective of the call so I courteously denied answering Precious’ questions. I asked for her number instead and told her that I will return a call in case I become interested to her offer. That Precious Gonzales gave me this number

(632) 5057146

I verified Crown Regency’s office numbers through their websites and true enough… The call is not connected from the company. Was I scammed? Was I almost a subject of identity theft? Or was the call only provided by a secondary marketing company? If such was the case, then this Precious Gonzales should not introduce herself as someone from Crown Regency Hotel.

And before I forget, did i mention that this Precious Gonzales said something that pissed me off. Before she ended our conversation, I heard her saying “libre na nga ang arte pa.” (I’m already giving you a freebie yet you are still so choosy.)

You called me choosy? Well, you just gave me a good reason to report you and your alleged company to the management of Crown Regency.