Breaking the Boredom of Uniforms

Styling is definitely not my turf.  Like a typical member of the female populace, I love shoes, bags, clothes and accessories.  But mixing, matching and experimenting with them is not my piece of cake. I love shopping but oftentimes,  I settle for those “safe” and typical pieces.  How I wish I would one day be courageous enough to go out of of that comfort zone.

I work for an organization that requires me to wear a uniform. I am not really against it but at some point, being in uniform makes me feel dull and boring.  To break the monotonous spirit, I usually energize myself with accessories.  Just to share with you, here are some of my favorite accessories that I wear from time to time..

My two watches

My Esprit and DKNY watches, bought from my own hard earned money. Though I have a tiny wrist, I really prefer big and bangle type watches. For some reasons, I am convinced that these watches fit well in jeans and even in corporate attires.

My everyday accessories

I wear a pair of pearl earrings, a bangle and a gold ring ever since I started working.  The pair of pearls fit well casual and formal attires, that’s why I settle with them. The gold ring has been with me ever since I was eight years old. It was a gift from my Tita.

My necklaces

I definitely can’t go out without any necklace.

This was an impulse buy I made last 2009 at Simple Joys SM Manila. It was love at first sight. A caged bird? I feel it was me in some ways..

Have you watched the Taiwanese version of the Meteor Garden? If yes then you must remember this

This was the necklace given by Dao Ming Si  (Jerry Yan) to San Chai (Barbie Hsu). I was really addicted over the series and the necklace so this made me purchase this custom made necklace

This was beautifully handcrafted by a local jewelry maker.

And a new addition to my collections…

This is from Gingersnaps, which I bought from Just G.  This is actually a necklace for kids… It’s part of their Alice in Wonderland collections.Though I can’t wear this in my everyday uniform, the shopaholic me pushed me to buy it.

How about you? Do you also wear an everyday uniform? How do you break the monotony of an everyday outfit?