Friday the 13th … fear no more

I don’t really buy the idea of  this superstitious belief. I don’t even knew the origin and history of this cursed combination. Yes, I know Google is just another internet tab away. But you see, I don’t have intentions of burrying myself with answers and explanations.

I grew up with people telling me that this is a bad omen. As a kid, I initially believed it. It took me years of growing up, schooling and being exposed to people of different races to finally unbelieve this negative school of thought. But come to think of it, it took me years to get over this thought. Why? Because the people around conditioned me to believe in it… Mental Conditioning was the culprit and in my case, it also served as my antidote.

The school of personal experiences led me to break free from Friday the 13th and all those pointless beliefs.  I may sound so cliché and cheesy but I learned to appreciate and adhere to the power of positive thinking. Knowing your goals, a positive outlook, the belief that you can make it (sometimes comes with tons of nervousness and doubt) , armed with hardwork, perseverance and a little inspiration.. then destiny and the heavens have no reason to fail you.

A positive equation never yields a negative answer……(unless you decided to infuse a higher negative value)…and I guess the same applies with our lives

So instead of worrying and freaking out whenever Friday the 13th comes, why not try this

Forget about the omen, spread the positivity 🙂