Don’t be deceived – My Club Ultima Experience

As much as I wanted to post another article from my recent trip to Taiwan, I feel that I have a social obligation to fulfill through this post. This is neither a paid nor a bribed demolition job against a company. What I will share here are recent discoveries from a not-so-good experience with a company that almost scammed me.

If you are reading my blog, you might have encountered this post.

Two months ago, I received a call from someone who introduced herself as “Precious Gonzales.” She informed me that I won free accommodation to any Crown Regency Hotel in the Philippines. I have been so careful in dealing with calls from companies I never made any form of transaction. In effect, I courteously asked “Precious” the person who referred me to their company. This Precious cannot give me a single name. She insisted that it was impossible for her to track the company’s sources.  This made me doubted the real intention of her offer. I also noticed that she kept on asking key information such as my residential address, birth date, occupation, etc. I was convinced that there is more than the freebies she is offering. Again, I made a courteous response and asked for her number. I told her that I’ll just return a call in case I will be interested. If you read my previous post, you will discover the succeeding events that pissed me off.

The number that this “Precious Gonzales” used was

(632) 5057146

Upon further research and a recent dinner with my friend, I learned that this number belongs to CLUB ULTIMA. My friend told me that her brother received a similar call. My friend’s brother got enticed with the offer so they headed to the place where they can claim their free accommodation tickets.  To my friend’s biggest surprise, the offer was good only when they sign up for membership at Club Ultima, who claims that they are Crown Regency’s sister company.

I knew it! There was something fishy with that offer. Further internet research made me discover the deceiving recruitment strategy of Club Ultima.

The practice of Club Ultima is to offer free accommodation tickets to any Crown Regency Hotel in the Philippines. They will ask you to claim your tickets to a certain place. On the day you claim your tickets, you will be welcomed by Club Ultima’s agents and convince you to venture to their thousand of pesos membership fee. Some were able to claim their free accommodation tickets even though they refuse to pay the membership fee. In the case of my friend, they never received the promised gift certificates.

Further internet research made me discover these

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I am not familiar with the governing marketing policies and practices implemented by Club Ultima. Are they just outsourcing another company to handle their membership recruitment? Is the management aware of the negative practice made by their sales agents?

I hope the management of Club Ultima will do something about this issue. After all, I always believe that the best marketing strategy emerge from good practices from the management down to each significant and honest employee.