Weekly Photo Challenge : Juxtaposition




Photos were taken from my brief working stint from a university in Tainan, Taiwan. I chanced upon this beautiful temple. Amidst the historic atmosphere, my attention was diverted to the sudden arrival of Harley Davidson motors. It’s quite unusual to see a sudden fusion of history and the modern times.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Window


I captured this photo two summers ago. This was taken from a quaint restaurant and bakery in my hometown. Situated in a highly residential place, people used to believe that this establishment will soon cease operations. Of all places, why will you construct a restaurant in a place where people are most likely to spend time in the comforts of their own home? People have been proven wrong because this place has been thriving for almost a decade. The bestseller is the bakery that produces the classic and homegrown bread among Filipinos, pandesal.  Aside from this picture perfect brick and rustic structure, the smell of the fresh baked pandesal is so tempting and inviting as soon as you step near this window.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Layers



The photos were taken in Boracay two years ago.  From afar, the bamboo structure appears as a decorative piece. Inside the layers of these tall bamboos are decorative lanterns and a space that can accommodate a small group. The area is very ideal for those who prefer the tranquil side of the beach. This area is perfect for a quiet and relaxing dinner along the beach. In case I have another opportunity to visit Boracay, a dinner here will be included in my list.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Eerie


The photo was taken in one of my favorite places in the world. This is an area in the Caleruega Retreat House in Batangas, Philippines.

Amidst the breathtaking view and relaxing environment, I heard a number or urban legends and ghost stories from everyone. Some of my colleagues told me that Caleruega’s acres of landused to be a home for the leftists members of the military. I can’t imagine how a beautiful place used to house people, who were left and killed by the forces of the government. Hence, stories about the child, bride and all those ghosts making their presence felt never fail to make it as a part of the never ending repetitive stories. More so when their cameras caught something unusual. An uneven lighting, unexplained color schemes, and all those irregularities are often equated with the ghost stories.

In this photo, my colleagues are attempting to explain the figure forming marks on the trees. Very dominant is the tree in the extreme right. My colleagues are trying to decipher an unlikely figure.

Eerie? I used to answer no. With so much analysis and observation, it’s not impossible to get infected by everyone’s explanations.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Horizon


The infinite clear blue sky, endless sea, and the unending mountain ranges are the best ways to depict a horizon.

The photo was taken in Coron Palawan, one of the 7,107 islands that comprise the Philippines. I went here last summer with a few colleagues. I fell in love with nature again. If I will tour a non-Filipino friend in my country, Palawan will definitely be on the list.