Weekly Photo Challenge : Carefree


This photo gives me a jumble of emotions. This was taken years ago when my enthusiasm to my life and career were at its peak, I guess. I gained my much prayed permanency status from my  first job. I was admitted to Graduate School at an early age. Everything is perfectly falling in the right place.

An unexpected blessing even came in the form of my new found friends. While I was forced to burn bridges with some people in my past, I was given another source of happiness. And since everyone is earning, gone are my college days when we can only dream for an out-of-town escapade. With my new found friends, we can easily pool resources and book a huge suite from any of the grandest hotels in Manila. At the end of a tiring semester, we would reward ourselves with a short out-of-town vacay.

The photo was taken using one of those early models of digital cameras. Hence the poor resolution. Carefree for us meant releasing our long suppressed kids at heart hormones.

Fast forward now, I rarely see my friends. Most of them are already married and starting their families. Most of us acquired our masteral degrees while some decided to focus on their career and family life. I miss these people so much.