Weekly Photo Challenge : Beginning


This was taken from my recent trip in the Island of Corregidor.  People often equate the place as a mere historical and memorial site. Only a few people realize that Corregidor can be considered as an island of hope and new beginnings. All the lives lost and sacrifices paved the way for freedom and the promise of a better tomorrow.

The site shown in the photo provides a sprawling view of the place and the sea that surrounds it.  Sunrise and sunset are also best observed in this area. If one dreams of a place that represent new beginnings, this area in Corregidor definitely qualifies.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Let there be light!

I grew up with this Christmas tree. It stands in the middle of the a famous shopping centre and venue for important events such as basketball games, concerts and movie premiere in the city.

Over time, neighbouring cities become developed and started their own Christmas traditions. This Christmas tree became less famous especially among kids today. In my case, this tree will always remind me of the priceless and happy memories of Christmas as a kid.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Habit



If there is one thing I have been consistently doing, it’s taking my earliest meal. There was never a day in my life when I never had breakfast.

Unlike the most, I have unusual preferences. I don’t and never drink coffee, chocolate or any hot beverage. I prefer water and fruit juices. While most of my fellowmen prefer either fried rice or pandesal, I can settle with french toasts, eggs or any breakfast which different nationalities can offer.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Saturated


This photo was taken from a hidden and quaint restaurant in my hometown. The restaurant used to be the private home of the owner. After some time, the owner shared her home as a privy restaurant that operates by reservation. The restaurant used to accommodate one client every night. The full meal was exclusively prepared by the owner herself. After some time, the restaurant finally opened its doors to the public. Aside from the best tasting dishes, the owner also showcases her paintings and unique collections from empty bottles, colorful floor tiles, sea shells and old wooden furniture.

Weekly Photo Challenge : An Unusual POV


If I didn’t own this photo, I would think that this was taken from the streets of Italy, France, or Spain. The place looks like a part of a historic European site.


The photo was taken in one of the silent streets of Macau. Amidst the grandest hotels and casinos, there’s this unusual, quaint and elegant street¬†comprised of hidden restaurants and apartments that also aim to capture tourists.