Another Customer Service Rant – Worst Bridal Gallery in 168 Mall

Customer Service……

The story of  Customer Service always come in two folds, the customer and the service provider. Each of us are always playing both roles. Whether you are employed or working for freelance, you have your own set of customers. In our attempt to fulfill our needs and wants, we are always placed in the shoes of the customer.

And why am I writing this way again? Yes, this is another customer service story to rant.

One of my friends at the workplace invited me to become a part of her bridal entourage. How could I refuse a friend and the opportunity to witness her greatest dream?

First step to my friend’s dream, dress up the bridal entourage. My friend generously shouldered the cost of my gown. So off we went to Divisoria, the best place to purchase and haggle for that bridesmaid dress.  My friend particularly chose a bridal gallery stationed at the famous 168 Mall.

Everything seemed to perfectly sail not until the dress finally arrived. I wanted an off shoulder cocktail dress and the store personnel accommodated my request. I admit I went a bit excited because I rarely have the opportunity to dress up. When my friend handed my dress, I was almost the happiest. Almost, not until I fitted it.  You know what happened next. Shapeless, lousy, enumerate all the ugly adjectives here.

We returned the dress and have my measurements checked. As expected, it was the fault of their seamstress. We left the gown and after two weeks, it was finally returned.  When I said returned, I meant returned for another revision. Sorry to say but I can’t accept the fact that a business fails in the area where it claims to be the best.  If it was another mistake, I could have lengthened my patience and understanding. However, much to our surprise, my dress wasn’t altered at all. It was returned to its original shapeless and lousy state. What should be an off shoulder style  turned out as a plain sleeveless dress.

But then again, we don’t have a choice. We left my dress and we were told to return this Sunday.  Heck, the agreement was so clear. We even asked them when will they be able to repair the hell dress. We agreed with their terms. Come Sunday, we went back to the crowded 168 Mall and guess what, MAJOR FAIL! The dress was nowhere found in the shop.

The  same stupid and useless sales clerk, happily informed us that they don’t have seamstress during the weekends.  My friend asked the sales clerk to call the lady owner to clear up things. To my surprise, the sales clerk told us that her boss is in Hong Kong. The best about everything, that sales clerk rendered a HUGE SMILE while we were irritated, exhausted and worried about everything.

I presented terms with the sales clerk to finally settle the issue. I told her what if she just delivered the dress in the office.  She declined because of the lame reason that she might get lost in the city. Hell, when will she realize that this was all their fault. The sales clerk have the natural talent of annoying me. She ignored us and assisted other customers while we are begging for actions.

As I’m bursting with my own anger, I wanted to type more harsh words like you don’t need a college degree to realize that this was all your fault. God forgive me for uttering stark words.

This failed customer service story is not yet over.  For the nth time, I have to brave the crowds of Divisoria after my tiring office and teaching schedule. I would like to give them the LAST chance….

If everything went well on Tuesday, this post will end.  Otherwise, I have to write another post and reveal pictures of the shop.

to be continued…


Yesterday, I rushed to the shop to finally get my altered dress, for the nth time…  I fitted the dress and guess what, it’s still a perfect MAJOR FAIL. Despite the repeated markings and safety pins, the seamstress or should I say, the entire shop failed to perform their expected promise. 

Much to my dismay, I almost wanted to tell the store personnel that I will take care of the alteration. The entire ineffiiency of the store has been causing me more than enough stress. Before I expressed my own litany, the store personnel brought me to Paras Alter Station. The Alter Station saved the day… FINALLY! The seamstress was a superb genius and made the simplest alteration we have been waiting. However, since everything was a rushed attempt, I didn’t get the perfect alteration. But with the way things went, I obviously can’t afford to stick with the much needed and expected quality.

For those of you who want to know the worst bridal gallery station I’ve ever encountered, here are the complete details

Tita Lulu Bridal Shop and Gallery

4th Floor (4H-04)

168 Mall

The owner of the shop is Mrs. Luisa Sebastian and the sales personnel that rendered that huge smile on us is Rhona.