Day 14 – Silence

Woohoo! Last day of my 14 Days of Love Challenge. The last day to endure the worries of thinking what to blog the next day. I can snooze and let this blog sleep again too. See you on my next post on March friends! LOL

I honestly don’t know what to write today. (I’m beginning to feel that I will end up making a lousy post again.) Yes it’s the 14th day of the month with the missing values. Though honestly, I grew up feeling that February is still one hell of a full month. The days and the bulk of work felt the same with that of the regular months.

I set my alarm clock before 6 am. As part of my regular practice, I hit the snooze button and slept again. I slept and when I woke up, it’s quarter to six. My class starts at 7 am, travel time is 1 hour and to make things worst, I forgot that I am the teacher. Nominate me now for the most hardworking employee of the year.

On my way to work, traffic was light and the last night’s rain finally subsided. Everything went well except for the fact that I’m 30 minutes late for class. Clap! Clap! Clap! I was able to give my students last minute advices before their defense. After an hour, I’m now sitting in the office with this post.

Back to regular programming at work, I remember that I need to text someone as part of work. I grabbed my bag and to my surprise, where is my phone? Happiness!!! Did I just lose my antique three year old Nokia? I called up home and to my surprise, I just left it. Another accomplishment for the day! On the positive side, I appreciate the fact that I left my phone because one thing, I will be saved from all those forwarded Valentine’s day messages, I have an excuse over someone I’m trying to avoid and more importantly, life will be more silent this day.

Silence, that ‘s it! Amidst all the noise and stressses of life, that’s what I really wanted now. Stillness and silence..

Day 12 – Lost

Two more days and this blogging series will be over. Last Friday, Anne invited me to watch The Vow. I said yes because the film stars one of my super crushes, Channing Tatum.  Rawr! Haha  Seriously, I agreed because I will finally see our other girlfriend, Anna.  It’s the first time the three of us will be reunited in 2012.

Before the movie,  Anne gave me a pack of Hershey’s Kisses. I accepted it without asking what was it for. I only realized everything when Anna said that it was Anne’s Valentine’s present for us. What is happening to me? 😉 I’m doing this challenge yet my brain is not telling me that it will be V day soon.

Our movie date was almost a success if only the movie pleased me. I don’t want to disappoint those who are still planning to watch. But if my opinion will be asked, I didn’t find anything spectacular with the film. It was inspired from a real story but the plot wasn’t enough to affect me. 

Last year, I never felt being out of place on February 14 because I was engrossed with work. I was waiting the entire day for my students to finally submit their business plans. We were all waiting in vain. I treated myself to a good meal, had dinner with Anne a week before and went home tired and sleepy. This year, I have my evening classes (hoping the kids will not leave me alone). The next day I’m bound for an out-of-town work. So I have to sleep early and prepare.

I don’t know what is bound to happen on the next days, even on the series of out-of-town works waiting.  I just hope that everything will turn out fine. I’ll find reasons to be happy and lucky 🙂

PS I know this appears to be a lousy post. I am just tried and still have pending free-lance work to do 😦 Will try to catch up and make a better post tomorrow.

Day 10 – Happy and Loved

A few words of appreciation can cure any form and level of stress 🙂

After ranting about the sleepless nights as a result of painstakingly reading, reviewing and editing the papers of my students, all my stressessss somehow disappeared yesterday. A number of my colleagues recognized the works of my students. Some of them told me that most of my students’ works are very refined and organized. Wow! That was all music to my ears. Although of course I don’t totally own the credit.  Just knowing that I was a part of their works made me feel that I have done something good.

For those who know me well, you know how much I hate both attention and attention seekers. But of course, a different story goes whenever I teach. 🙂 Ironically, I’m a very quiet person even though my profession requires me to talk and catch everyone’s attention.

I never wanted the attention of everyone. I love and will continue to love my quiet life.  I live in the principle of “mind your own business.” If you want a harmonious relationship, we simply perform our expected tasks. Period!  I don’t demand and stress myself with awards or recognitions. Like I said, I never wanted everyone’s attention. I’m happy and contented knowing that I am the person who keeps her words and always get things done… correctly… and on time. But when people begin to notice the products of my hardwork, I admit that it makes me happy too.  It leaves that rare smile on my face. I call those rare instances as perfect little moments and this is something that money can never afford.

My source of happiness is so shallow. Simple things, simple words are more than enough to make me happy. A pat on the back from my boss, real words of grattitude from my students and knowing that I get things done; they are more than enough to make me feel that I have worth in this world.