Go for the Goals

I once made a list of the things I need to do before I turn 30. I have forgotten the list and to my surprise I realized that in a few more years, I will reach the new face of the 20s. I wanted to relieve the list but instead of giving myself the traditional “before I turn 30” deadline, I decided to simply write down everything.  So this explains the existence of this page.

Listed below are the things I wanted to accomplish, NOT BEFORE I TURN 30, as long as I breathe and relieve each day of my existence

1. To continuously teach – done and hopefully the opportunity will remain over the next years

2. finish my masteral degree – Mission accomplished in 2009

3.  International Research presentation – done in December of 2011 and hopefully more to come

4.  International research publication

5. Monetize my blog – just started in 2012 and the opportunity ended early in 2013

6.  Another research about industry analysis

7. Reach a new country – done in December 2011

8. See Hongkong – done in March 2012

9. Singapore – done in March 2013

10.  See South Korea

11. Lose weight

12. Zero credit card bills

13. European Tour

14. US Tour (New York, Alabama, Chicago, Washington)

15.  Cross US to Canada

16. Own and wear a Zara trench coat

17. Experience an actual snow fall

18.  See Jeremy Lin in person

19.  Own a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats

20. Own a pair of loafers from Tod’s

21. Own an original Longchamp – as of date, I own three haha

22.  Open a mutual fund investment – started in July 2012

23. Achieve my savings account target

24.  Own a Kate Spade

25.  A flat screen TV for my parents – done

26. A decent workplace at home

27. Nice shelf to house my growing book collections

28.  Purchase a domain name – done in June 2012

29.  Get published in Inquirer’s Yougblood – still waiting for nothing?

30.  Celebrate my 30th birthday in a blast! – done though not satisfied

31. Cable subscription – done

32. Set of authentic pearl earrings

33. Macbook Pro or Air

34. Paint my room with my preferred colour – done

35. Prettify this blog with a new design template

to be continued

2 thoughts on “Go for the Goals

  1. good evening
    IYS helped me to make a lot friends in around the world
    I ve lost all the names and addresses after a loss of archives
    I am looking for opportunity to have again list of the names of my friends
    J have contacted IYS between the 1980 and 1985
    Name: Zamit / zammit / rolled / elamine (proper name, we can write the number of ways)
    Name: Mohamed mondher
    Date of birth: 16/02/1965
    Location: Sfax
    Country: Tunisia

  2. I will be very happy to exchange with you from time to time so that I can help you in my own way

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