I’m typing this post on a Friday night. Another work week passed. Another weekend to look forward. To cap off the week, I had a great dinner with one of my friends. On the way home, I was reminded of my financial struggle. I began to over-analyze and along the way, I remember this blog. It has been months since I last opened and made an entry. I felt quite guilty because years ago, I promised myself to get better. I wanted to document something positive in this blog. Sadly, I don’t see any progress to myself. I remain as a failure. Or to make it a little positive, I’m still a work in progress.

But rather than dwelling with my mess, I’d like to write on the things I’m thankful for. My life maybe in a mess but once in a while, there are people who help me get through life. They make life easier in so many ways.

My parents – I cannot imagine my life without them. They love me above anything else. They support my endeavors. They make my life easier in the best way they can.

The few good friends – I treat them as my family.  I would not have survived half of my struggles without them. Their presence is more than enough to keep me going.

Some of my cousins – For helping me build the happiest memories with the family

Supportive colleagues – I may not be friends with them but I have a few colleagues, who make work life so much easier.

The accommodating sales personnel  and all customer service officers – I needed to replace my purchase. I needed to update my bank account details. I requested for some adjustments on my orders. I sought for a possible discount. The delivery man, who made all means to deliver my item. Hearing them saying that my request has been approved is music to my ears. Thank you for doing your job.

A former mentor – She has been giving me a lot of freelance works. More than the money, I’m thankful that she trusts my capability and gives me opportunities to pursue it.

I may have forgotten some. At the end of the day, I’m beyond thankful to everyone who stayed and supported me all the way.

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