Two months

Been missing here over the past two months. A lot has happened but nothing really changed or I should say, nothing improved. I may sound too negative but on the positive side, there were little blessings and happiness that came along the way. Life is not totally bad after all.

I didn’t update this blog for two months because ………. some people discovered the personality behind this blog. I intend to remain anonymous here but somewhere along the way, people discovered that I owned this blog. And those people are unfortunately, not my enemies hahaha but those I don’t have intentions of revealing this side of me.

I initially planned to migrate to another blog. Problem is, it takes forever for the new blog to receive the posts from this blog. Maybe I got the process wrong. And I don’t have the patience to google and do some corrective actions.

I also did not anymore renew the original domain name of this blog. It was intentional after all. My way of diverting the people who discovered this blog.

I’m still clueless what to do for this blog. All I know, I just don’t want to throw it away. It’s been 7 years here! Seven years of frustration and sad stories hahahaha I had a lot of stories lined up for a blog post. But for now, I’ll leave it to this.

4 thoughts on “Two months

  1. Hi! I’ve been backreading my posts then I saw some of your comments. Me too. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. And while backreading, I couldn’t believe that I’ve written those posts. I feel so intellectual in the past. Haha!
    Kitakits sa blogosphere. 🙂

  2. “Problem is, it takes forever for the new blog to receive the posts from this blog.”

    I can’t remember if I tried it before pero alam ko madali lang. That is unless super dami ng ima-migrate lol.

    1. Hellooo! Ilang beses ko na na-attempt wala nangyayari. Kapag malalim na archives mahirap na ata. Like in my case nsa 6 years na. Or baka tamad lang ako maghanap haha

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