Instagram and Immaturity

It’s 4:28 pm. In a little while, everyone at the workplace is headed to the grand function room for the annual recognition night. Employees who have rendered exceptional performance and loyalty.. in terms of years of service are awarded. I’m done with this… last year. I finally got my 10 years of service award. Gaaaahd, I’m so old.

My working day felt light, easy and unproductive. Hahaha Unproductive translates to laziness. Hahaha I’ve been chasing the most elusive productivity drive since January. What I thought as another lazy Friday changed when I learned an incident involving a colleague. In particular, a faculty member whom I don’t personally know. If I sighted her outside the premises of the workplace, I will never have hints about our common working environment. I’ve never had any encounter with her.

In the middle of the afternoon, a student related to me the details. It’s examination week and the current scenario at the workplace is depicted by faculty members checking tons of test papers. Apparently, this faculty member captured the raw photo of the student’s corrected examination paper. She had it uploaded to her IG account that wasn’t set in private access. So imagine the number of people who can view the photo.

The student unfortunately garnered a raw score of 9 / 100. The photo came with a caption that sealed the colleague’s popularity and gave everyone the license to hate her. I forgot the exact caption, but the words used surely hurt the community of athletes. Yes, the owner of the examination paper was an athlete. The thing is, the faculty member blurred the name of the student. But her caption easily confirmed that the paper belongs to an athlete.

In my mind,  you’re f*ck^d

The colleague’s act was too lousy, irresponsible, immature. My adjectives do not seem to end. To identify a few, here are my few reasons why the colleague’s behavior should not be tolerated.

Examination papers are confidential documents – Whether the name of the athlete was mentioned or not, examination papers are confidential. Oh well, the caption of her IG post confirmed the identity of the student.

An act of humiliation – Setting aside ignorance of the rules and regulations which can be used as an excuse (which is not valid under the law), no ever person would ever feel good when your examination paper is publicized in someone else’s IG account. And as everyone is probably aware of, humiliation will never be a tool for teaching-learning.

The proper way to impart discipline is not through social media – If colleague wanted to reprimand or express her sentiments to the student, she could  have dealt about it on a personal level. Talk to the student. Call his.her attention. Call the coach of the athlete. But since this colleague seem to be obsessed with social media, this colleague might as well  search the kid’s social media account.

Immaturity – We can identify how many celebrities screwed up because of a lousy, offensive, and inappropriate post on his/her social media account. In the world of the academe, here’s one perfect example to self-destruction. Our students may post negative things about us through their social media accounts. I personally experienced it many times… and probably, while typing this post a student is cursing me because of the endless formula to memorize. I’ve been tempted to render my own revenge. Only to later realize, I should wear the shoes of a more mature person.

Before I publish this post, I learned that the colleague already deleted the post. It might sound as a good move for her, but in my thoughts…such act was not enough. In the first place, the colleague should have rendered a sincere act of apology . If she had the courage to publicly humiliate the student through her IG account, she should also have the heart and humility to publicly apologize . The kid who got a single digit score in his/her exam maybe unforgivable. But the professor’s act of telling the world of her student’s performance is surely unforgivable.

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