Please grant the wish of this Smart Prepaid Subscriber for 20 years

I finally got myself a new phone. Thankful to all the unexpected freelance works. I’m a happy owner of a better and faster phone. With a better phone, I thought life would be easier. I underestimate one important aspect of smartphones. The need to convert to nano sim. Long before I switched to another phone, I visited the SM Marikina branch of Smart Wireless Center. I asked if it’s possible to convert the old humonguous sim to nano size, given that I’m a prepaid subscriber. I was told that my request is possible. I went home feeling complacent. I don’t need to undergo the hassle of changing numbers.

When I finally acquired the new phone, I went to my original plan. I visited the same branch. I was about to request the conversion and replacement of my old sim to nano size. Problem is, I was informed that most branches have limited stocks of the blank nano sim cards. I visited another branch, particularly Sta.Lucia East Grand Mall.The guard dismissed my request. No stocks available. I visited another branch in SM Masinag. I was told to wait. I was very optimistic only to end up with nothing.

I moved to another branch, SM Manila. I was expecting the same outcome. It happened. I tried the Gateway Mall branch. Waley.  Nothing happened. The last I tried was the Ali Mall branch. I observed consistency. Nothing.

I tried six branches. All ended as futile attempts.I tried calling the customer service hotline (8881111). Failed. The customer service assistant cannot assist me. On her end, I was told that they don’t have access to the stocks of wireless centers. I asked for alternatives. Nothing was given. I was the one who initiated alternative, to change number which I will never do. She advised me to manually cut my sim card. Sorry, I don’t like it. I prefer to have a real nano sim, LTE and under my old number.

So there goes my life over the past three days. Haha I’m ranting, sorry. But you see, I’ve been a loyal subscriber for almost two decades. I hope Smart recognizes this.But since I’m a prepaid subscriber, craaaap. I’m not a valuable client. Not a priority. Not a major source of concern. Smart may deny it but on my end, this is how I feel.

Learning point : If you wanted to be treated well, be a postpaid subscriber.



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