It’s another year. My two-week holiday break is over and as of typing this, I feel the laziest person alive. It’s been almost a week since I reported for work. But God knows, I still haven’t recovered. I’m not ready yet.

I’ve been juggling a number of job assignments. The rest are manageable. This one major task is unfortunately killing me. Not that it’s difficult and draining. The bitter truth is, I just feel too lazy. Maybe I can forgive myself for being lazy on the first work week. But next week, I need to do it. I need to face it. I need to make things moving.

Aside from this major task at work, I have been blessed with freelance works. During the holiday break, I was able to finish around 3 assignments. Unfortunately, there was this freelance work for a large company that is (borrowing the lyrics from a popular song) killing me softly..not with this song.. but with the client’s requests. He has results on his mind. He wanted the study to generate findings on his terms and conditions. I’m so dead. But for the sake of my dying mobile phone and bills to pay, okay I surrender. Hahaha

I wanted to write more because there has been some blog worthy…. irritating stories and adventures about my life to document. Hahaha But I have to return to my work.

Ciao, wish me hardwork and more patience 🙂


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