Job Interview with Metrobank and how it ruined my career plan

I have been dreaming of pursuing a career in the banking industry. Back in 2004, I submitted job applications to almost all local banks. Metrobank was one in my list, but I was never called for interview. There were a few other local banks who took chance on me. I had the same fate. Life has other career plans for me. I ended pursuing a career in the academe.

I may be looking for other employment opportunities at the moment, but I never regretted my years in the academe. I wouldn’t say it was a bad decision after all. It’s just that this time, I feel that my life in the academe should already end or be set aside. I need to explore other opportunities.

Months ago, I decided to take my chance in Metrobank. I browsed their website and discovered that I need to make an online account to enter the recruitment phase. It took months before the company reached me. Last Friday, I received an SMS, to be more particular, a “mass produced / automated text message” sent to all applicants.

I was instructed to report today at 10:00 am. I took a leave from my current work and hoped that everything will turn out well. I arrived just in time. The usual process, I was asked to fill out a form and answer this two-question essay. For those who are interested , here are the questions,

1. What was your recent accomplished /achievement. Describe the experience and

2. Describe a recent difficulty or challenged you experienced. Also explain how were you able to successfully overcome everything.

There were a number of applicants. As proof, the seats in the waiting area did not anymore suffice. I was brought to a makeshift waiting area with a round wooden table (seems to be a dining table) and old monobloc chairs. I filled out the form, answered the essay and someone later collected my accomplished forms. I remember waiting with two other male candidates. Hours passed, it was already 11: 47 am. A female employee told us that the interviewer has a number of applicants to accommodate. She encouraged us to take our lunch and return at 2:00 pm. In my mind, that meant too much time of waiting again. My patience was still serving me well. I went out of the building, crossed the street and searched for a less populated place for lunch. Oh good thing, Jollibee has adequate seats. It saved me for spending more than my usual budget for lunch. Problem is, I cannot stay long in Jollibee. I need to find a place to kill time. I saw a coffee shop a few steps away from Metrobank’s building. I planned to stay in Figaro, read my book and checked my email. When I entered Figrao, it looked like Jollibee. :p It was filled with diners. It was crowded with employees from…. Metrobank. It’s not hard to notice because everyone was wearing their IDs.

Finding a seat became a problem. I was quite lucky to score a table. When I placed my bag, I saw employees from Metrobank starring at me. Actions speak louder than words. Their eyes were telling me, they were pissed off. But then again, my patience and understanding were still working. I ignored their sharp glances. But deep inside, I was starting to develop a negative impression among the employees. They wear nice clothes, carry the latest iPhone, beautiful pair of heels, and embody the most coveted corporate attire. But attitude wise, I was starting to feel different.

I left Figaro around 1:45 pm. I returned to the HR Office and was surprised to see more applicants. So I went to the makeshift waiting area again. It wasn’t a big deal then. The place appeared beneficial because I was able to observe the behaviour of the employees.

It was already nearing 2:00 pm and most of the employees were still attending to their personal needs. The ladies were carrying their hygiene / beauty kits towards the toilet area. Another group of ladies went out of a room (looks like a meeting room for me) carrying their lunch boxes, chatting and laughing as they return to their respective workstations. I was observing everyone the entire time. I’m not sure about the official lunch break of the company. But it was already 2:00 pm and applicants are still arriving. Some applicants were waiting since 9:30 am. No one seems to show any sense of urgency. But then again, I placed myself in the shoes of the employee. On the positive side, the company is not too strict with break time. Employees are given more than enough time to rest and accommodate their personal needs.

It was already 2:45 pm. I believe I have waited more than enough. Half of me already wanted to leave. I was finally called for interview. A female employee led me to a room (the same room where a group of ladies had their lunch).

Here’s what I noticed in the interview room. They use monobloc chairs. Not that I’m being so meticulous, but I believe monobloc chairs are not appropriate for guests. I also noticed that the monobloc chairs were old and stained. I can let this pass but I can’t imagine the Philippines’ leading banking institution with this kind of facility. Maybe, I had high expectations. I attended interviews of other smaller companies and I can say, their waiting area were way better and comfortable.

As I was seated for interview, I felt something wrong in the interview room. It smells like food. In Filipino parlance, amoy ulam!!! The place obviously smells like someone had a full meal. I conditioned myself to understand. The employees, who serve as interviewers, no longer have the opportunity to eat outside the premises of the building. I thought I might be overreacting. I focussed on the upcoming interview. I can still manage not until I noticed the pieces of crumpled paper around. There were crumpled papers on the table. It was never my intention but when I checked the floor, there were a few more. Worst or the worst, the female employee who interviewed me, never bothered to tidy up the area. I was beginning to sense an undesirable attitude among the employees.

I ignored everything. I conditioned myself, focus focus focus on the interview. The interview started and unfortunately, the outcome of the interview nailed everything.

I will never pursue my application to Metrobank.

I was expecting that my working experience will become an issue. I never had any background in the banking industry. I explained that I’m completely aware of this hindrance. But then again, I wanted to give myself the chance to explore opportunities in other industries. I may have worked for a company with a different nature. But knowledge and skills wise, I’m not empty. I will have my own adjustment phase, but I’m not totally a useless being. As we were progressing in the interview, I was starting to feel that I’m not welcomed in the company. It felt like I entered a building whose walls and doors are pushing me away.

The interviewer emphasized the large operations of the company, which indirectly belittles the company and experience I had. Her intention to emphasize the superiority of the company made me feel the inferiority of my professional portfolio. 

The last question posted on me was … save for the classic question.. what is your edge over other candidates?

In my mind, the bitch in me is starting to come out.

Me, a candidate? With how the interview went, would you even consider me as a candidate?

Of course, I never uttered those words. I felt the need to redeem myself. I told her that it takes another person from another field to provide a different and better perspective of things. They can see my different background as a disadvantage. But in reality, fresh and new ideas, especially in corporate planning, can be found on someone whose perspectives are not consumed and confined within the same environment.

I don’t know how I appeared to the female interviewer. Truth is, I’m no longer interested with the company. Even though history relates that the bank is the best in the country. Sometimes, the best is not really the best.

I have a few suggestions to the management of Metrobank. That is, if they consider my insights valuable and they have the initiative for improvement…

  1. Implement a quota for job applicants – Avoid sending the mass produced SMS. It’s better if SMS are personalised,  that way the applicant will feel that you have examined his/her resume. This also avoids having overworked employees and applicants wasting their time
  2. Don’t ask unqualified applicants to come – Surely, the company is only interested in applicants with experiences in the banking industry. As it appears to me, the bank is a traditionalist. As such, let’s not waste each other’s time.
  3. Check your facilities – The old and stained monobloc chairs are giving a negative impression about the company.  And how about cleanliness and orderliness? The HR Office, being a frontliner, is instrumental in building the first impressions for the company. The Metrobank Building looks really nice in the outside. But the real interiors, apologies but it appeared as a complete opposite. I also believe that the company should try to implement a TQM or at the very least, a 6S program. I noticed the the entire floor of the Human Resource Management Division is cluttered and disorganised. I was seated on a makeshift waiting area with boxes of souvenir mugs around. Eyesore. I also observed the nearby tables and workstations. The usual table I observed are cluttered with so much paper (understandable) and unnecessary things. One workstation almost looks like a Sanrio Puroland because of all the Hello Kitty items around. Another workstation looks like a lifesize scrapbook of photos and other mementoes. I maybe overreacting but this situation is something I don’t expect from frontliners. Remember, employees provide a mirror of the entire company.
  4. The HR employees  – While I appreciate that the company is not strict with breaks, this unfortunately creates a tradeoff with applicants. Maybe suggestion number 1 can work? Also, I don’t find it proper that female employees retouch their make up in front of the applicants.
  5. Retrain or check your HR employees who conduct the interview … As much as I don’t like to emphasise and discuss this further, my interview experiences with other companies are better. Unfortunately, I have to say that I had the worst with your company. Your interviewer made feel that I’m not in any way welcomed in your company. I had interviews which led me to unsuccessful attempts. But the interviewers / recruitment officers left me on a positive note.  Other interviewers were honest about the company’s inability to find a job match for me. No sugar coating or fake promises. But I appreciate how they handled my interview. They weren’t degrading or discouraging. With Metrobank, my experience is something I never expected from the best bank in the country. Also, please teach your interviewer / recruitment officer to smile or at least offer a handshake to the applicant. The female employee who interviewed me, looked like an old high school principal ready to police everyone. I swear! She was wearing a nice black button down long sleeves blouse and an a-line striped skirt in orange and black. She looked almost perfect. Except that her disposition and the way she handled the interview felt like speaking to the School’s Director for Student Discipline.

If anyone is currently pursuing a job application to Metrobank, please don’t feel disheartened. We may have a different fate. You might land to a better interview. But for me, I’m closing my door for the company.

PS : If you are a jobseeker who landed on my blog, I advice that you try submitting your resume to the neighboring GOCC bank, Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). Hands down to the very accommodating security guard, lobby receptionist, HR receptionist and recruitment office (Sir Jay). A fellow “patient” applicant  in Metrobank suggested that I try DBP. I followed his advice and never regretted it. The treatment I received from DBP was way way way better!

Sorry to say, but Metrobank gave me the treatment I can tolerate from a government office. But DBP gave me the treatment I’m expecting from the number one bank in the Philippines. 

This made me remember the female employee who interviewed me emphasised that Metrobank’s Corporate Planning is highly engaged in “benchmarking.” Why not consider benchmarking your HR practices and customer service skills with your neighbouring bank?


I wrote a similar post. I also applied for a position in a government agency, GSIS. You can check it out here.


35 thoughts on “Job Interview with Metrobank and how it ruined my career plan

  1. Hi! I am planning to apply in Metrobank but your blog changed my mind. Thank you so much for writing this. Can you suggest other companies or bank that I can apply? I am a fresh graduate. Can I apply online in DBP? Thanks.

    • Hi Sara! DBP has online job postings. But I would suggest personally visiting their office. DBP has a great HR front line personnel. You will not regret personally submitting your application. Good luck!

  2. Hi! I was interviewed yesterday i didnt expect na ganun pla kami karami i was told to come at 1.30pm then meron pa pala first batch na interview during morning. Unfortunately, i didnt make it. Hanggang initial interview lang ako, eight kami tnwag then the recruiter told us that we werent qualified for the position na inapplyan namin. I was applying for Recruitment Assistant Then, i realized tama po suggestion niyo “Don’t ask unqualified applicants to come” they should carefully and evaluate mga qualifications ng mga nag aapply na nagsesend ng resume sa email nila. thanks again for sharing your experience and thought.

    • Hi April! Thank you for sharing your experiences. This validates everything. I think they need to improve on their recruitment process. If you can still drop by the area, try applying for DBP. Good luck on your job hunting efforts. I hope you land on a better company. Have a great day!

  3. Hi! I got a message from Metrobank inviting me to have an interview and exam, and they’re asking me to make an online account just like what happened to you. I was trying to reach the site address that they gave me but up until now I can’t access it. I was trying to find some way to message the HR to let them know if there’s a deadline for the online account, then I saw your blog. Thank you for writing this! After reading this, I don’t think that I want to pursue working there. I would try DBP 🙂 btw, I’m a fresh grad too. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kristine! Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. If you still have a chance, I encourage you to pursue your application. My experience might be difference from yours. DBP, based from my experience, is worth a try too. Good luck on your job hunting endeavors! All the best 🙂

  4. Hi! It’s so sad to read your blog, you didn’t deserve that experience. My mom and dad used to work at the head office of Metrobank, and told me that it has always been the most chaotic department in the office. My dad had a great experience working there, so he urged me to apply too. I applied online, but after a month of waiting, I never got an invite for an interview/exam. Got tired of waiting, so I decided to go to their head office to leave a resume. I had to ride a bus on a Wednesday (Baclaran day, so you get how long that ride was) and a jeepney on a summer day (there wasn’t even any wind to compensate for the heat). I got there sweaty and tired, only to hear from the guards that they’re going paperless and that no one will bother receiving my resume if I were to leave it! I was so pissed. I never even got inside to tell the HR of my interest in joining their company! I didn’t want to leave yet, but they insisted that I can only apply online. I think this is a shitty excuse. Almost every bank has two options: apply online or accept walk-ins. I told my dad that I am giving up on my quest to at least be able to take a pre-employment exam, and that I’m moving on to another bank. And all your insights are true! They may be regarded as one of the leading banks in the country, but they are ABSOLUTELY NOT applicant-friendly. Thank you for recommending DBP, I will try it out next!

    • Hi Daph! I’m sorry to hear your experience. I knew the feeling of making all that efforts that will end up as a futile attempt. At the very least, I was hoping that they have computer kiosks inside the bank that will enable you to submit your application. It’s possible that the external web links may not work. However, if they have internal facilities that can make you submit your application….. the experience would be so much better. DBP is worth a try! Good luck on your job hunting endeavors. Wishing you all the best!

  5. I was trying to look for sample exams for metrobank then nakita ko blog nyo. Thank you for sharing your experience. I will be attending their exam and interview next week. I actually applied on metrobank long ago sa province namin di lang ako nag-continue kasi may offer na sakin dito sa manila. But my interview with the branch manager was really smooth and mabait sya. I also experienced those kinds of interview na magtake ng exams then interview after mapasa nun di ka pala kukunin kase yung experience and then yung educational background mo kulang. Parang nagsayang ka lang ng oras.

    Thank you so much. Hopefully mabait yung HR na mag-coconduct ng interview ko and I will consider applying at DBP na din.

  6. Hi po. I will be having my exam and interview tomorrow. Nagsesearch po ako about sa procedures sa Metrobank, and nakita ko po ito. Nagdadalawang isip po ako kung itutuloy ko po. And if ituloy ko man po, hihingi po sana ako ng tips from you kung paano po ang exam and interview sa kanila ☺ Thank you po.

    • Hi! I think you should still proceed with your application. Who knows, you might have a different fate. Maybe they have improved? I haven’t taken the exam. I already mentioned in my blog post the questions I had during the interview. Good luck on your application!

      Also, if it is not too much to ask, I hope you can give us feedback with how your interview / exam and entire experience went.

  7. Apologies, I’m commenting here the second time, but I’d like to share yet another experience.

    I’ve had it with Metrobank! They called me four weeks ago, and I was so happy because, as you’ll see in my previous comment, I have been trying to get a call back from them for months. They called me about my application, and even offered me a position that was way closer to my degree than those that I chose in my application. Of course I said yes to the interview even if I was already up for job offer with another bank at the time. The HR told me to wait for a text so that I can have my interview within the same week. But it has been FOUR weeks now! Then, just a couple of weeks ago, I received a text from them, but only to say that they saw my name on the list of graduates of my school, and that I should create an account (which I’ve already done a long long time ago).

    I’ve already accepted the offer with the competitor bank, but it’s so angering how it’s actually possible to be let down twice! If they want to protect their well-established brand, they should seriously learn how to coordinate within the bank.

    • Hi Daph! No need to apologize. I appreciate that you took time to visit my blog again. I understand your sentiments. Your points are all valid. Above anything else, I hope you are already on board to a better institution.

      I have a feeling that their recruitment and selection process is a real mess. The entire system is disorganized, literally and figuratively. I was hoping we we will be the last applicants who developed negative experiences from them. Sigh…

  8. hi, i would just like to clarify. you initially spent your career in the academe prior DBP? is it as an instructor or something else? alright. i actually have a linkedin profile, and the metrobank’s page usually posts career opportunities. yes its true that they only cater online applicants, and as far as ive remembered, i already signed up with them last april, i believe.

    currently, they are aggressively recruiting for new ones w or w/o experience. i was just wondering why are they not reaching out to me until now kahit qualifying exam lang sana. so in my mind i was like, “maybe they have standards and i did not reach their standards.”

    pero i believe naman na qualified ako and i have the feeling na they should also give me considerations. im a finance graduate from ateneo de naga.

    fresh grad

    • I worked both as an instructor and administrative staff in an academic institution. I understand the all companies have standards to implement. However, what I didn’t like is how they handled the recruitment process. I don’t find it professional and of “high standard” the process of making applicants wait for hours. It’s a matter of showing mutual respect. If they have a lot to do, same goes with the applicants who made their way to their respective schedule. If they have certain standard to follow for their applicants, they should have done a pre-screening. Added to this, the actual interview and the demeanor of the HR staff was something I know, not of quality. I have background in organizational development and HR practices too.

      Good luck on your application! And if not, metrobank, I hope you find a great career

    • Hi Chellesea! As far as I can remember, it was a half day exam comprised of different areas. There was vocabulary test, mathematics, abstract and quite a lengthy / unique personality exam. I was asked to provide an illustration and provide necessary explanation. But compared to my examination in GSIS and other govt agencies, I find the DBP exam manageable.

  9. Hello Madam!

    I was searching for pre employment exam tips online for DBP and I came by your blog. May I ask if you are currently with DBP? I was invited to take an exam on January 29,2018.Thank you! -Marielle

  10. Hi. i was trying to look some possible interview questions then i saw your blog. I felt dismay when i read all the comments and your experienced.I really wanted to be part of the family(metrobank). I applied in Metrobank during our jobfair sa school and luckily i passed the exam and they asked me what day i’m available to be scheduled for the interview. So next week friday (april 6) the day of judgement. So just like yours i’m already have a plan for my life if i get in. I’m not an accountancy graduate nor BA graduate. i’m an IT graduate. i dont really like my course pero wala na ako magagwa nandito na ako. I was an intern sa DBP manila. They have good environment and good benefits talaga. I was exposed in banking works so i told to my self “this is what i want” to be part of a banking industry and baka makapasok kce kahit papano my experience ako pero feeling ko i’m not gonna make it because job mismatch talaga. I applied for the position of relationship assistant, teller and executive assistant. (ang layo sa course ko dba) but i’m flexible. I really agree that they must not wasting time (and money) for unqualified applicant. My DBP family wanted us (interns) to apply but wala pa akong civil which is their basic requirements. I really wanted to work in the government but i said save the best for last that’s why i applied sa private muna.

    • Hi Steve! Thank you for visiting and taking time to read my blog post. I understand your sentiments. I may have a negative experience, but yours might be different. I’m not discouraging you to try. Maybe they have improved. I really hope so. But in my case, I’m over and done with the company.

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