Still alive and surviving

I think I have used this title in my post several times already. 🙂 Sorry naman. Can’t anymore find other words to express my sentiments.

I have a lot to blog. It’s just that I don’t anymore have the energy to write and more often than not, I will surely be writing the same topic on my posts. Boring and repetitive indeed. Unfortunately, my life has been carrying the same sentiments. Mostly about my work. And I finally made the decision. I have to move on. I have to seek for a new employment opportunity. I finally made this decision when I looked back my life over the past months. The tears, swollen eyes, frustrations, disappointments and self pity moments are recurring. All the while I thought that this will eventually end. It ended for a while. It returned after a few weeks and the cycle just goes on. I don’t think I can spend the next few months like this. I don’t want to live in pain, sadness and bitterness. There’s a way to get out from this lowest point of my life. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. And sure enough, I don’t want to stay in the darkness and stare at the little light of hope forever.

Reaching that light entails another long process of waiting and uncertainty. The path will never be easy. I decided to take the path despite its unknown challenges along the way. Meanwhile, in case you are reading this may I request a little favor? Can you utter a little prayer for me? I need silent warriors behind me. One thing I promise, your prayers will not be put to waste. I will update this post next year and while everything remains uncertain, I will do everything to make my life better. Thanks in advance friends.

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