Random useless thoughts :)

Half way again of another month. As usual, I have nothing to write. I have nothing to post here. I’m not at my best now and I’m still struggling. Years ago, I can publish a blog post at least once a week. I used to join the Weekly Photo Challenge and other blogging series. I refuse to blog because I have nothing positive to write. I will compose another sad and pathetic post again. I’m tired. While I still wallow in misery, part of me have been wanting to escape. Unfortunately, escape is not and will never be an option. The problem with loneliness, dwindling self-esteem and quarter life crisis, it demands to be felt. The only way gain freedom from all these sources of misery is to feel each pain each day. When all the pain has been felt and exhausted, you’ll feel immune and realized that the pain has gone away. By that time, another source of pain will get in and the cycle continues, which hopefully makes us better and smart beings.

Anyhow, I’m starting so much drama agin. I never had intentions of writing another blog post, not until this appeared in my inbox

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.00.27 PM

Why did I ever decide to buy my own domain name? 🙂 I have another blog in another platform and convenience wise, I could say that Blogger outperforms WordPress. In Blogger, you only pay once for your domain name service provider. In WordPress, you are incurring two separate fees should you wish to have your domain name. One for the domain name service provider and another for the mapping services from WordPress. Should you wish to change your blog’s design, you can easily navigate things around Blogger. You can hire a graphic artist to embed those html codes, upload to the Blogger account and everything is done. In WordPress, I learned several years ago that wordpress.com accounts are limited to the free or in-house paid templates. Should you wish to customize your blog’s design, you have to open a separate wordpress.org account. I also learned that image uploads in WordPress are limited.

While WordPress seem to provide all the inconvenience, I’m wondering why most of the popular bloggers I know are moving to WordPress. It seems to me that those who are receiving success in blogging are favouring WordPress. What I’m not sure, WordPress offers relatively stable platform? The comment form which is better in WordPress because non-bloggers can comment.

Another convenient feature I love about WordPress is the ease of answering to comments. I love the  the mechanism which enables the blogger and the commenter to track their responses or conversation.

Apart from the interface, I both tried using the mobile app for WordPress and Blogger. Although both performs well, can I just say that WordPress has better mobile app than Blogger? 🙂

This might appear unrelated but can I just say that I prefer the old writing interface of WordPress?

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.04.08 PM

I’m insisting of using this format when composing blog posts. 🙂

It’s 5:40 pm here, I need to go. 🙂 I promised to take care of myself more. This include going home early and avoiding all those unnecessary stressors in life.

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