Most of my fellow Filipino netizens have surely heard or seen that viral video of the interrupted graduation speech. I have read praises, commendations and words of compassion for the deprived kid, before I was able to watch and understand the story behind everything. When I finally had the chance to watch the entire video clip, I never felt the sentiments of the majority. This can be explained by the fact that I work for a school. I know how it is to be in the shoes of teacher and the people behind the school’s administration. I have seen colleagues who were complained and quarreled by parents not satisfied with their children’s report card. There were some unfortunate colleagues who were unfairly treated. Some decided to remain silent, keep their composure and treat it as another incident or probably, learning experience.

While my knowledge about the kid’s plight is very limited, I felt bad that everything ended to an incident that placed the school in a bad light and the kid’s identity and story be revealed and notoriously feasted by the entire country. As I see it, everyone became a loser and there was nothing good that happened after the incident. What I know for sure, so many reputations were destroyed.

Whether the accusations made by the kid and her family were true or not, my opinion remains the same. I don’t advocate and support any move that entails public humiliation. Include here those privilege speeches given by our not-so-dearest government officials. Let me not forget those celebrities who loves to bawl and seek the sympathy of the public after committing another humiliating activity. Oh wait, I have to include the trip-to-jerusalem incident of that actress and closeted gay inside a domestic flight. Hello,Php 3M damages? The only people who have all the right to seek for damages are the poor passengers. I can imagine their silent frustrations and helplessness.

While I admire the kid’s courage and bravery, I’m afraid that the kid will carry this attitude for the rest of her life. While I appreciate voicing out sentiments and letting other people how you feel, I believe that this has its own point of limitation. Everyone is bound to experience being cheated and maltreated. I have my own share. There are battles that will land on our hands, no matter how much hardwork and honesty we render. There are days when the world seem to be so unfair. There will surely be days when the Big Boss above does not seem to see and hear our sentiments. There will be times when we can’t help but blame others for our misery. Failures and disappointments are inevitable. It happens even when we gave our best foot forward. When all these unfortunate events happen, I prefer to work things out. End! I salvage the remaining self-esteem and pride I have. I try my best to bounce back and prove to myself that at the end of the day, I can make things happen.

A little message to the kid, you may feel like a failure today. Although for  me, I don’t define a salutatorian as the loser behind the valedictorian. Maybe that was how she was trained to see things.

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