New Journey Series : Before 2014 ends

I was so optimistic with my last New Journey Series post. As I was back reading my entry, I recalled how I was able to totally eliminate one credit card. Great news! Great news for me. I thought I was progressing. I thought I was stepping to the road of financial maturity. Sadly, everything was ruined again. It was all my fault.

It started with my other dormant credit card. I was surprised to discover that I haven’t used the card for a year. I called my bank to request for a possible waiver of annual fee. I was granted the waiver provided that I will make an accumulated or single receipt purchase worth Php 5,000. Best about everything, I can even convert the purchase to zero interest instalment. I got too overwhelmed with everything. And as you can sense it, I messed up again.

Another incident that prompted me to ruin my improving financial record is my professional fee that has long been delayed. My payment for this project was delayed for almost two months. I admit, I made a mistake. I counted my blessings early. I spent my money way before I was about to receive. I used my credit cards to finance the advance purchases. I held on to the fact that I have an upcoming income. Unfortunately, I failed to monitor the expenses. As a result, the debts piled up again. I gave in. I counted my eggs before they were hatched.

Last weekend, my most awaited 13th month pay already arrived. I started with my expenses and savings. And just like that my money almost vanished. I have my birthday celebration. I have to meet my good old friends and that would mean money going away again. I’m not even sure if my remaining balance can still survive me. Adding up to this, I opened another insurance policy that will provide me financial support in cases when I’m stricken with any dreaded disease. My company does not provide an extensive and comprehensive health plan. Hence, I was forced and convinced to buy this new policy.

At this point, I have to admit defeat again. I will end 2014 with another set of financial burden. It was my fault. My only consolation then, everyone in the family is healthy. We were spared from the tragedies of the recent typhoon. I messed up again. My only hope, I will have more freelance clients and additional work to survive me.

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