Holiday Thoughts

The saying that Xmas is for the kids became true to me when I started working. Apart from the fact that I started to earn, it was during this age when I crossed the other side of the fence. Gone are the days when I receive gifts, both monetary and non-monetary, from the elders in the family. When I had my first 13th month pay, it signalled the time when I was forced to embrace the role of the “giver.” I have to give, give, give, give and that endless list of giving.

In my family, the cash gifts are more appreciated. I don’t disagree because at the end of the day, you have the freedom to buy the things that can make you happy. I have my own share of receiving those crappy and useless gifts. Either they end up in the trash bin or given away to cousins, friends to charity boxes. This is actually the main reason why I never really subscribed to the idea of exchange gifts. If I join exchange gifts, I don’t expect to receive anything decent. In my years of existence, I always receive gifts that aren’t meant for me. So when I join one, I think of it as giving away something with nothing good to expect. I cannot understand how others would not make an effort when joining exchange gifts. And yet they will end up the happiest because they will receive the best gift. Life is good… for them. Haha

I may sound as another Christmas Grinch here. But really, no matter how much I deny it, Christmas has to be my favourite time of the year. If we will remove all the expenses, (I hope it would happen in reality) I’m just glad with the fact that I get reunited with my good old friends. I look forward to those short yet meaningful dinners.  The atmosphere at work is lighter. Everyone seems to have that rare smile on their faces. I have a two-week vacation. I have that rare 8-hours of sleep. Traffic maybe the worst but at some point, I do appreciate the sight and feel of the Xmas rush. I will have that special dinner with my family from Xmas and New Year’s eve. The next day, I will be reunited with my cousins. I have been doing this routine for 30 years yet for some reason, I never get tired of it.

I maybe broke now but I still believe that I will find other reasons to be happy.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Thoughts

  1. I can totally relate. This is my first Christmas as a worker, and yes, it feels reeeeeally different. The Christmas rush used to mesmerize me but now it haunts me; maybe because I work at mall management. But anyway, Christmas is still a happy season whichever side of the fence. Happy Christmas! 🙂

  2. i know it’s hard, but we should learn to say no to other people’s expectations which we’ll never meet anyway as they keep on rising. better to decide beforehand on how much you’re willing to spend on gifts and stick to it.

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