The day I witnessed a crime

It was another long day at work. I had an unexpected presentation in the morning. I organized my teaching files the entire day. I administered my final examination to my last class. There were even issues that came in along the way. I was tired. Before I left the workplace, I felt that familiar sadness again, quarter life crisis that is. This time, my struggle is centered to this life changing decision I wrote in a previous blog post.

I walked to the jeepney station that will bring me to the train station. As we were approaching my usual stop, the driver accelerated to avoid the trap of the red light. I alighted almost a block away from my usual path.  I was forced to take the unusual walkway to the train’s station. I passed by the pavement of this terminal mall. The area was well lighted and elevated. Between my usual pathway, the elevated pavement was evidently safer. Unfortunately, what I thought as a safer place gave me an experience I will never forget in my entire lifetime.

I was halfway the pathway when I noticed a man running behind a couple. I initially thought that the man was just chasing another person. I never sensed anything serious and threatening. Everything changed when the man started to stab the couple. He started attacking the man. In less than a second, the woman was stabbed at the back of her left shoulder. The succeeding events were no longer clear to me. The only thing I can remember, the woman was already  lying on the floor and I was running  towards the entrance of the train station.

To be continued

Update as of October 25, 2014

The moment I saw the man attacking the couple, I started to leave the elevated pavement. It dawned on me, the man might be under the influence of illegal drugs. He might attack everyone that comes on his way. I was less than a meter away from where the stabbing incident happened. I might be his next target and victim. I ran as fast as I could. I can no longer remember how I was able to reach the entrance of the train station. Before surpassing the mandatory bag inspection, an old lady asked me if I saw the incident. I replied and realized that I wasn’t the lone witness. All my fellow passengers from the jeepney were witnesses and could have been victims to a heinous crime.

On the way home, I had my own share of panics and fears that came in aftershocks. The first that feared me was the possibility that the man has the intention to search and shut down all witnesses. I was the easiest to reach and recall because I wore a uniform. I pass by the area everyday. On the next day, I’m most likely to pass by the area at the same time. I also thought that since the incident happened within the premises of the mall, there might be CCTV cameras that caught all the witnesses. We might be summoned to become witnesses and I can’t anymore imagine the succeeding events.

As I go to sleep, other thoughts kept plaguing me. This was my first time to witness a crime that took away the life of another person. There were movies, drama series and true-to-life CCTV clips uploaded and shared in You Tube and social media. I was one of those people who felt pity for the victims and at some point, blame to the people who refused to help. My thoughts changed when everything happened right in front of my eyes. I wasn’t able to offer help because I feared for my life. It was my initial response and line of defense. I run away not because of selfishness. I also felt helplessness for myself. How can I defend myself to man whose motive and behavior I can’t understand. All I knew that time was I might be his next victim.  These were my last thoughts before I finally fell to sleep.

A few days after the traumatizing experience, I encountered this article from the local tabloid. A family member showed me the article days after I related my experience.

DSC04907 - Copy



2 thoughts on “The day I witnessed a crime

  1. Waaaah, how tragic! Good thing the suspect got incarcerated. I’ve witnessed a crime before, too, but no life was taken. Naglalakad ako sa Padre Faura nasa unahan ko dalawang babae, dinukutan nila yung backpack ng isang lalaki sa unahan nila. Laking probinsya ako kaya sa TV lang ako nakakakita ng ganong eksena. Na-shock talaga ako. Ang bilis lang ng pandurukot nila, malamang natiktikan yung lalaki na nagwithdraw from an ATM or something. I couldn’t do anything. Hinayaan ko lang kahit alam kong mali. I guess I got afraid for my own safety that time.

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