New Journey Series : Almost one down

I have a lot of sentiments to blog. Unfortunately, everything is just too disorganized in my mind. I’m still figuring out what to write among the following

a. to leave or stay with my current job

b. a recent experience with a superior who played a childish, immature and disrespectful joke on me

c. the regular occurrence of my quarter life crisis and how it was awakened again last Sunday

and probably, more that I can’t remember.

Setting aside the outpour of thoughts, I decided to focus on updating my New Journey Series. I remembered,  it’s been a while since I last updated this blogging series. The last time I checked, it was October of last year. It was almost a year since I documented my financial struggle.

Over the past months, I have been blessed with a lot of freelance works. If I’m not mistaken, I served three clients at the same time. The earnings helped a lot in restoring my savings account, purchasing a laptop when the old one decided to rest forever and most importantly, I was able to reduce a significant amount of my credit card debt. Hooray!! There are still debts to pay though. I have to work out balances from another credit card that is gradually ballooning again. The balance from the credit card I intend to maintain was significantly reduced. As of date, I would like to believe that I can trim down the balance from five to  four digits this month. A few more months and I will be able to totally eliminate the evil debt.

A technique I learned in eliminating debts in multiple credit cards is to focus on one credit card at a time. Assuming I have Php 10,000 today, instead of distributing the money to different credit cards, I should use the entire amount to eliminate one card. Killing one evil interest rate is better than distributing the antidote to everyone. The antidote only regulates the pain. It never eliminates the root source of the pain.

So there, please pray for me. I hope I’ll be successful in totally eliminating one evil in my life before the year ends.

In other news, my 10 year old insurance will be fully paid next year. Just one more year of paying and I’m all done! In response to this, I decided to venture to another insurance. I opted to diversify and choose another company for my secondary insurance. This time, I chose a foreign based company and acquired a variable insurance. Hopefully, the companies where I invested will become stable and successful.

I’m still less than half-way in beating my financial struggle. But I know, I will soon overcome the consequences of this mistake.

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