Social media hiatus

There was another post waiting to be uploaded. I made the post as a word file while listening to my colleague’s lecture. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish it. I saved it in my laptop at work. I got so busy over the past days, weeks to months. I forgot about it, so here I am writing a new one.

I have a confession to make. I’m recently avoiding accessing my social media accounts. My usual daily routine includes checking my social media accounts before I sleep. Lately, there were some events that forced me to escape from my usual routine. Let me relate the reasons why I’ve been on social media hiatus.

Case 1

Months ago, I discovered a case made against me. I wasn’t the one who discovered it. To my surprise, one of my former superiors led me to discover. I will spare this post from the details. I’m not sure if some of my colleagues have already discovered my private space here. Giving away the details will obviously give them their much awaited gossip feast. Oh well, this is actually the main reason why I have been avoiding my Facebook account.

I remember telling two colleagues about the case. The first colleague is my best friend who already moved to another company. There’s no way my best friend will spread stories about me. The second colleague severed employment months after. This colleague has a lot of connections at work and as you can sense it, he was responsible for spreading the story behind my predicament.

So after venting out my sentiments, I thought that the story already ended. A few days later, some colleagues have been unusually approaching me. They wanted to hear it from me. Months after, some “friends” I haven’t seen for years have been sending me messages. I heard it, is it true? Oh dear God! Why do I need to explain to everyone? I may felt irritated over the gossipers who wanted to fish for stories. My line of defense is to ignore. Unfortunately, I felt more than irritation. I felt deprived and abused from the people I consider as real friends. We  haven’t seen and communicated in ages. All of a sudden, they would send messages just to verify the story. The words of their messages manifested the hunger of a gossiper than the concern of a real friend. I was never asked how I feel. I was never consoled. All I’m hearing and receiving were requests to verify the story.

Case 2

I remember writing my sentiments about friends and colleagues asking for financial assistance. If not about gossips, long lost friends and acquaintances would often email me for money. I don’t know, but I have been attracting people who seek for monetary assistance. If only these people knew about my New Journey series and the head of my family duties, they might later realize that I also have my own monetary problems.

Case 3

Weird people at its best. One of my former students started an FB chat a few hours ago. I never remembered interacting with this kid outside the classroom. I have some students who turned as great friends despite our age differences. But this kid, we were never close.  As our conversation progresses, the kid asked me, “ma’am how is your lovelife?” WTH! Sorry, WTF! Where did that come from? I ended logging out in my FB account.

Bottomline, my social media accounts have been giving me encounters with weird, hard headed, careless, tactless  and the weirdest people.



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