After 10 years

Months after I graduated from college, I was sitting inside this fast food chain in Ortigas. My entire morning was spent attending a job interview. I spent the remaining hours hopping from offices of each familiar building. I submitted my resume in the hope of landing to a company, who might consider hiring the inexperienced and fresh graduate in me. As I was finishing my meal, I overheard a conversation between a male in his mid 40s and a female companion. What encouraged me to continuously listen to their conversation is the striking words uttered by the elder male. “It’s easy for me to find a job. The problem is,  most companies cannot afford me.” My past 21-year old self felt a surge of that unique irritation caused by someone else’s conceitedness and rudeness.  In my mind then, who are you to demand?  Ten years after, I ate my words. I understand what the elder male meant. He may sounded boastful but after 10 years of working, I knew where he is coming from.

I wanted to write more but I have tons of work waiting to be accomplished.

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